Service Update v1.1.05 is now available

Yes indeed, we already sent it to Beta testers :slight_smile:


ok so where is the update? 14 days passed


blank screen after online update
The beamer was on 1.1.04.
I just ruined the evening by just running the online update.
Boot prosess shows rocketchip screen then white Philips screen and ends with a black blank screen.
In the first few minutes, you can move a circle with a dot in the middle with the touchpad.
One time I could see the volume bar for a second as i used the remote’s volume buttons.
To power off you have to hold the power button for longer time.
what can I do to fix this and what can i do to prevent this failure?

Hi @Khaos sorry to hear that. You can revert it by following the Cable restore procedure. Beware this will wipe your settings and apps.


I was afraid about to get this answer :frowning:

What alternative I have?

  • I don’t have this USB cable that is needed for cable restore and to be honest I don’t really want to buy one
  • I also have no Windows PC
  • My Macbook only have a usb-c port.
  • The bug is still there
  • I still need to know what can I do to fix this and what can i do to prevent this failure?


It is even not sure after cable reset v 1.1.04 it won’t happen again when updating to v1.1.05

Is there any chance to copy my settings before factory reset?

How can I do a full backup before installing an update?
How can I restore full backup when update failed (without cable factory reset?)

Can I send you helpful information to investigate this bug?
Could you please add a full backup for the update function that is running automatically before the update.
Automatically fallback to the previous firmware when something went wrong or triggered manually somehow?

I think you can factory reset by going to recovery mode. Not sure though how to to get there.Honestly, I’m still hesitant to upgrade to the latest because I read a couple of cases where a factory reset was needed which sucks because I have many apps and stuffs which I don’t mind losing but a hassle to bring back.


It seems not??? yet :frowning: go for a vote PPM configuration backup / restore / transfer

for you all other victims here is how I got this little shit back alive.
boot to recovery mode do fucktory reset
you do not need windows pc or usb cable
philips & android is shit I love the beamer but it is wasting my little free time i have for fixing their bugs

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I wonder if applying offline update from recovery mode would also work. This way you won’t lose everything.

I didn’t work. I tried with sd card. Error was something with “failed to unmount …sd”