Settings Overlay, App Switching & Position Presets

After using the PPM for a few days now, obviously the bugs, app crashes and driver issues are the priority atm. Still, looking past that, these are the features I think the PPM would benefit from!

Settings Overlay
Using the menu button on the remote, (double tapping or hold) brings up a stream lined settings overlay. Makes switching sources, adding bluetooth devices or changing picture quality easy while movie is still running or paused.

App Switching
Using the menu button on the remote, (double tapping or hold) brings up an ‘open app’ interface. Makes switching between open apps easy.

Position Presets
The ability to adjust four corner corrections and save them as Preset 1, 2, 3 & 4. This makes moving the projector between rooms/areas easy and fast.

I won’t mind having all of these features but especially app switching, currently the menu button really don’t do much, as I haven’t found anyway of knowing how many apps are open, how to switch between them and most importantly be able to close apps I’m not using, just like all other android devices.


Apologies if this has been discussed already.
I have received my PPM and am very happy with it. A great machine.

One thing that could be an obvious future software addition: the ability to store presets that can recall specific 4 corner and zoom settings, maybe brightness (and eventually colour) settings too - so that when moving the machine to different set locations, these setting can just be instantly recalled - thus preventing you from having to spend time to adjust them manually yourself.

Since auto-correction isn’t very sophisticated with the PPM, and since it is designed as a specifically portable machine to be used in different location, perhaps this would be an elegant solution that might save a lot of time when setting it up in different rooms, etc.


I agree such “place profiles” could be useful. There are many settings you might change at the same time to some values specific to a certain location, that you are likely to repeat when you visit again.

Semi-hypothetical examples:

  • In my boat, low brightness to save battery, and because the screen is small.

  • At home, normal brightness due to bigger screen and brighter house lights.

  • In my boat, place the projector right-side-up slightly to the left of the centerline to avoid the mast.

  • At home, place the projector upside-down hanging from the roof, perfectly centered.

  • In my boat, connect to Bluetooth speakers in the “car” stereo built-in to the hull. Set volume to fit.

  • At home, use headphones to keep neighborly peace. Set suitable volume for those.

  • In my boat, disable automatic vertical keystone correction, as it would trigger a “false positive” when the boat, projector and screen are rocked by waves together.

  • At home, actually probably also disabled, if I mount the projector correctly, but you get my point :slight_smile:.

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Please Prashant
1 For a portable projector moving it from one room to another you have to re calibrate completely four Corner correct

it should save options in 4 corner so when yoy move to two rooms in house in the same spot you can use saved setting
eg living room save and bedroom save

2 Also force to get Focus wheel on shaking or moving around the projector
We need is simple app on the the home page to click bring up Focus wheel makes 100% sense for portable projector

Hope Prashant you can do this thank you

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  1. I don’t see why a saving setting can’t be done, but for it to be useful it needs to be placed back in the exact same position every time and as a portable projector that may not be possible for all, but fair enough it should be possible for some.
  2. I believe that is already the case if you have auto focus setting turned on it will refocus when it is moved.
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Hello @Lal yes we are planning to add saving of 4-corner correction profiles. I don’t have a timeline for its release yet but be assured we plan to add this feature soon.

Regarding autofocus, we are also planning to add a focus shortcut on the screen, but I must ask about the real use-case considering that there are 3 easy ways to trigger automatic refocus:

  1. the projector automatically refocuses when you move it to another place
  2. you can press the focus button on the remote to re-focus.
  3. you can tilt the projector up/down a hearty amount to make it re-focus

Thank you Prashant
The 4 corner correction profiles is important will be really helpful.
At the moment it takes up a lot of time to setup when move the project to the 2nd room redo setting.Then move back to 1st room you have to redo setting

The focus app would just be a nice touch but not important.

If possible if you could try to bring forward in release 4 corner profile would be great.

I think the presets should include zoom, vertical keystone, 4 corner correction, ceiling and brightness. If focus value can be saved, that could be good too but I doubt it as it’s most mechanical I assume.

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Would be pretty handy if you could quickly bring up the Bluetooth device list / overlay. I often switch between my 2-ch stereo and some bt headphones. The same applies for image settings, it would be better if there was an overlay so you can adjust image settings for the actual content you’re about to watch. I don’t know about the new update but there’s currently far too much ‘back and forth’ between apps and settings.

I’d like to second the wish for presets. I don’t have the possibility to set the ppm up straight. So it stands sometimes on the windowboard, or at the groundfloor pointing to the ceiling, always in an inclined angle. Therefore there’s no way to get a straight image with automatic keystone correction, not to mention a fitting 16:9-image.

Therefore some code-magic would really be appreciated, that keystone- and especially 4-corner-correction is just possible in 16:9-ratio and not sth like 15:11 or else.

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Then by all means Vote by pressing on the Vote button at the top of this thread! :point_up_2:t4: :+1:t4:

@Philips_Support_P, for points 1 and 3, it won’t work if I had Auto-Focus disabled. For point 2, I am not using the AirMote anymore because it clashes with Bluetooth causing audio delays and stutter. Also, if my AirMote is faulty or the battery is flat, then point 2 won’t work too.

Kindly consider putting the Auto-Focus button directly on the home screen. If possible, allow us to use a function key (eg. F12) or map a combo key (eg. Ctrl+F1) to trigger the Auto-Focus as it will be most useful for those of us using keyboards.

Thank you.

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actually I would like to suggest to add overlay in full screen or maybe full screen outline colored rectangular when we’re adjusting 4 corner correction for easy adjustment, currently, we only have a white rectangular BUT in the middle of the screen, if we have black wallpaper or same color with our background screen it’s hard to see the outline.

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Hi guys , not sure that been mentioned , but do I have to go back all the time to menu to set the screen , image etc or is there a way to set up things while the actually movie is playing ? That would help to adjust colour / size etc




Agree on this an overlap meny would be good

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Please vote on this Feature Suggestion to indicate your support: Settings Overlay, App Switching & Position Presets

I would want to change the brightness on the led separately
So you can change light level on different color settings
Just like bigger stationary projectors do if possible

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would love position presets over all this.Maybe for a fixed distance "for image size100 “,120”,150

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