Ship to Taiwan?

May I know when can I receive my PicoPix Max?

My Contribution ID is 10XXX.
I also live in Taiwan.
Is there any update about shipping info can share for us?

MY contribution ID is #92XX from TAIWAN,I haven`t received mine yet.

MY contribution ID is #94XX from TAIWAN,I haven`t received any shipping info.

My contribution ID is #12XXX, any updates on shipments to Taiwan? Thank you.

Mine is #29xx still nothing…

My contribution ID is #16430 . When will I receive it?” locked my shipping address on 11/29/2019,when will it ship?

Is there any update about ship to Taiwan?

Just want to know how the shipments are scheduled? Will they done by countries or contribution#? I think everyone is so tired to guess especially not all questions are answered. CNY holidays can not always be the excuse. If an exact day is not available, please provide a rule of delivery. I do not want to see the date of Mar. 10 to be pushed out again because of nCOV after Feb. 08.

Please tell me when i can get my PicoPix Max.
It is too long to wait.
I live in Taiwan.
Indiegogo #13348

When will you ship to Taiwan?
My contribution ID is #91xx.


My contribution id is 1007. Until now, I still got nothing from Philips.

Answers to shipment questions:

Any update?

Latest info is this at the moment I write this (you might have read this already in the actual thread but if not here you go):

I realize that there’s very little about the actual shipment plans, but all I can guess is that they just haven’t reached that stage again yet.

Haven’t receive projector, which have been delayed for more than 5 month. Can you please tell what’s going on, and when will I get the projector.

No update? Can I get the refund?

Is there any news for shipping to Taiwan? My Id is 1007, your customer service guy said that would be delivered before the end of March.

for now , it’s end of Mar
could you get it ?