Shipping to Bahrain

CONTRIBUTION ID: 15283 FOR Philips PicoPix Max - Dated Oct0ber 7th, 2019

As per your emails, I am expecting shipping my order before January 25th.
If my product will not be shipped before this date, please cancel my order and refund my money.
I can’t wait any more.
Thank you,
Mohamed Alnamrouti

Dear Mohamed,

they’ve stopped shipping for now until February 8th due to Chinese New Year celebrations. To be fair, I am backer ID 3775 from Europe and still have to wait until at least late February, due to a forwarding error.

If you’d like a refund, please send an email to with your backer ID and they should be able to cancel it on time.

Good luck!

I sent them email requesting a Refund, I hope they will answer quickly.
Thank you for your support

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Thank you so much for your advise

You’re welcome! If this problem is solved, please close this topic so people cannot bump it upwards.

Once I receive confirmation on the refund acceptance, I will close the topic.

I am not sure who will respond to the refund request?


Any confirmed dates for shipping to middle East region?

No news on Bahrain… I think you should at least give tentative dates for a region if not by country @PhilipsNono

Hello Punit,

It will be good to have some estimations per Region, yes, but until then just consider April. I’m 16*** ID and in Bulgaria so I guess something before Easter …which was my wife’s prediction in December so a bit disappointed she might be right but can’t blame Philips for the situation and I’m glad it’s a bit delayed since there were some issues with the device in the beginning.


Hi Velislav

I agree with the delay, but with that we can get improved firmware. My concern is the hardware…device itself, which people are still complaining about - moving parts, projector not starting, no display, etc. What if after all this time of waiting and when I receive, the device is defective. Then I’ll have to go through the process of returning the device for a replacement.

Just imagine, if that happens to you, your wife’s prediction will be wrong too!!!:slight_smile: coz you will have to wait for the replacement.:slight_smile: :grin:

Ahhh don’t jinx it :smiley: . Let’s hope not, you never have 100% guarantee, but giving that they caught the first defective badge with the focus wheel malfunction, they’ll fix it now. I have pretty high hopes :wink:

Wives and mothers. They are always right, however they do that. :joy:

Some of the EU delivery is done and AU/NZ is also sorted (based on today’ comment in General info about shipment and manufacturing) but still no news for MiddleEast? @PhilipsNono

Am I on the list now? @PhilipsNono @PhilipsSupport