Shipping to France

Hi! Do you have any news if shipping has already started?

Take a look here Shipping to Europe

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Dear Sir,
I am Indiegogo id #12939 , backerkit order 11612148 located in France (order 29 sept, confirmed 19 nov.)
I checked the last shipment list received today, which is for number 15583218 and more (later than me)
I am not in. Why ? My status is always “address as been locked” on backerkit.
Please can you give me news about my shipment ?

The backerkit ID numbers have no relevance for shipping order.

No, cause the Backerkit ID has no correlation to backing order, as people who backed much later may have filled in their Backerkit surveys before others who backed earlier.
The shipping order is more or less decided by country they ship to, if there’s 200 going to country A and there are 300 backers there, then the first 200 according to the Indiegogo contribution ID will get theirs, regardless of other backers with possible lower numbers bit in other countries.

Hi, BackerID 15585161 - when can i expect my PPM - my status is still “address has been locked”