Shipping to Hong Kong

I placed an order on October 10th, when will the shipping to HK start? I’m quite annoyed at this wait, we were meant to get it before Christmas.

It depends on your contribution ID, I have received mine and my contribution id is 40xx

Already got mine on early Jan. My con. id is before 2000.

Hi HK backers. 2xxx here and got it on 2 Jan

#7xxx received in early Jan

if #7xxx have received in early jan, me being #11xxx shd be able to get it in the next batch of 3k?

Contribution ID: #8xxx, havent received yet.

Hopefully on the next batch, BEFORE CNY. if not then, most likely we will get mid February?

I received from HK in 6 of Jan

Following here!

There is a warehouse of them in Hong Kong where they do distribution to other countries.
Should be relatively timely for them to distribute the products to HK buyers?

Anyway to check when to ship my device by contribution id?

Mine are 161xx & 186xx.

yours will probably be much later. Mine is 8009. Backed since september 2019. I will assume yours will be in March, depending on their distribution/delays

Same here, 18XXX
Keep waiting


Where’s my product? Backer ID in the 4k’s, is there any structure to your roll-out? Why do newer backers receive their product but initial ones don’t?

Hello my Contribution ID is 11xxx. I suppose the shipment from China to HOng Kong is the nearest. When I can have the projector?

Indiegogo backer #11325 @ 22 September, 2019.
Still patient for PicoPix Max since PHILIPS cannot devilry @ December for merry Christmas.
On the other hand, I’m worrying the projector quality, seems deviled product doesn’t match what we were expected.
Hopefully we will have another clear schedule for the project ASAP.

Shipping will be on pause until 8 Feb. Anyone from Hong Kong got a email confirmation of their shipping TODAY?
They are supposed to include around 2000 items between yesterday and today. If you are not included in this batch, then we will have to wait till after 8 Feb.
Mine is 800x still havent got it yet. Good luck to the rest of you though

Nothing yet my id is 10681. I thought being in HK it would be fastest. can someone from Philips team update on shipping to HK


I want a full refund for the projector. This is taking too long. Who should contact for the refund?


email to