Shipping to Japan

I wondering when you will ship to Japanese backer? Maybe the backers just a few but at least we need some information about shipping estimate date.

I’m backer 4620 in Japan and a I have already received my PPM. Shipped by DHL. Expect around 2500 jpy for tax and handling to be paid at reception.

Morgan, thanks for the info.

I’m in 8000s and have yet to receive mine here in Japan.

I received it in Japan
Please pay for customs duties and other costs of 2300 yen

I’m backer 12xxx maybe will be late after 2 week after Chinese New Year. I thought no one from Japan get it yet.

I logged into backerkit and now have a DHL tracking number. (8xxx). I think I will be in the last batch before Chinese new years.

me too. today I got tracking number from DHL. its shown from 19 January. @Morganjp @zzo113 how long shipping take from the day you got update to receive it?

Lucky guys, I’m 15,### and no track number yet, so looking to get mine, hopefully, in February.
Looking forward to your reviews on this babe.

I don’t remember exactly
It took about two weeks or more to arrive

It was during the end of the year so it might has been delayed a bit but around 2 weeks.

received mine this morning.
DHL passed off final shipping to Sagawa.
it seems to be working fine.

I did not have to pay any duty on arrival. the customs description described it as a sample.

Backer 16xxx, not received shipping details yet. Which is expected I guess.
The one major annoyance with Philips is that they created this forum specifically for communication instead of on Kickstarter, yet their inactivity is very noticeable. What on earth is their communications manager up to?

I agree that shipment status commucation is too rare but we see now daily answers for technical issues by Phillips on this forum which is a great improvement from Indiegogo.

I received mine today but still pay 2300 yen for tax. I don’t know Philips system some people can get it without pay it.

Actually, DHL sent me an invoice for 2300 YEN in March which I just now paid. The explanation was quite poor as to what/why, but it makes sense.

Maybe it’s because DHL doesn’t ship where I live in Japan and they gave it to Sagawa?

Anybody received PPM recently in Japan?

I would like to know the shipping estimation date of PicoPix. I don’t receive them yet.

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I ordered PicoPix Max in Indiegogo, September of 2019, but I have not received it yet.
It shipped off? It unready?

Hey fellow Japan backers. Wanted to let you know that mine arrived today (haven’t had the chance to open it yet) so if you don’t have yours yet, it should be soon.