Individual status update requests

Hi there

I was take an e-mail for tracking number on 15. April.
But that tracking number is still not working.

Please check this issue.

Thank you!!

Hello, Can you please contact me to confirm when my unit will be shipped if it hasn’t already please? backer kit 15583471. Totally appreciate that you couldn’t be delivering this under more challenging global conditions - I’m just seeking urgent clarity please.

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Hello I have been ordering this product for a while now and I have no news from it.
I have payed for shipping and customs, and I am left with now news at all

My backer number is 18500 . Please give me update.

Hi and welcome to the forum!

Please read the information in this thread: Latest News Updates Summarized. It contains lots of updates.

Your backer number is fairly high, so unfortunately it’s likely that you will still have to wait a while for your projector.

Hi there, my Indiegogo contribution ID is 16966. I live in Singapore. What is the latest update that may lead to the chances of me receiving the two sets of projectors I had ordered, to arrive in May 2020?

I am a backer from Japan but I haven’t received any backerkit email about shipping yet.
my backer id is 2,776th.
When are they going to be shipped?

Could you please let me know when it can be shipped out to Japan?
My Contribution is #16053.



My backer Indiegogo contribution number # 8698.
I ordered on September 14th last year.
When will the projector arrive? please let me know.

What is the expected month of delivery to remaining backers in the USA?
My Backerkit Backer ID # is 15584503
My Indiegogo contribution # is 15898

Thank you in advance :grinning:

France Shipping?
0 news

Hi my Contribution ID
Contribution Date
October 12, 2019

When can I expect my order with backing number #20548?

I have not received the unit of Contribution #14219 made on 10/3/2019 - 439.00 Euros - total 468.00 EUR with 29.00 EUR shipping
1 x PicoPix Max Pico Projector
1 x AirMote
1 x Travel Pouch
1 x Tripod
1 x Universal Charger

When can I expect it?


My contribution ID is 10486 and my backetkit ID 5801. Do you know when France will be delivered ?
Still no news yet.

Thanks for your answer

Deliveries to France are part of EU shipments. Have you checked the latest list to see if your projector is part of that shipment? Based on your backer number, it could be.

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Hello my order is: Contribution ID
Contribution Date
October 6, 2019
When can I ship in China?

Contribution Date

September 13, 2019

Why are you not giving me a reply?

I’ve asked for the tracking number for over 4 months

If delivery is not easy due to covid which is a flat lie I want a refund now!!

Do you think this is a understandable situation?

If you don’t give me a reply I want a refund


My backer ID 20431
Contribution Date January 19, 2020

My Picopix max projector has still not arrived its is coming to 4 months. Can any one here please help me to track my order and give me an estimate when I will be receiving it?

Thank you

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Hi, I feel frustrated because I don’t receive any news of the shipment, no reply to my emails, will you let me know something please? I believe yes to the last request before requesting a refund.
Contribution ID: 16083 thanks

Please go through this post to realign your expectations. Thanks @Unreal-Tournament for the calculations.