Shipping to Singapore

When will be the schedule for Shipping to Singapore?


My Order number is 1xxx2. What is the status?

Thank you.

Mine is #18176. I don’t mind the slight wait to get the product right… but hopefully not too late.

Hi everyone, just to double check: we need to pay gst for our PPM when it is shipped to us, right?

As per link above and based on experienced, you have to pay GST if the cost of the parcel is more than 400sgd. Normally, you will received a post letter from the customs to collect the items to Customs main office and pay the tax.

Thank you.


Following. I thought they announced shipment in Dec 19?
My ID is 101xx.

Yes, it would be great to know this - also, where can I find my shipping number? Thanks!

Camping here too… Understand that there’s a 2nd batch this week.
I am supposedly on #2xxx but now #13xxx…

Backer #15xxx from Singapore, really hoping to get this not too long after chinese new year (as it seems like a long wait until the next batch is ready while we wait for the production to ramp up).

Anyone? Where can I find shipping number? :slight_smile:

Just received my tracking number 2 days ago while checking on Backerkit. Backer #7xxx here. Even though no records found under DHL tracking yet.

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Mine is backer #8000. Also just got DHL tracking number but shipping details not updated on DHL website yet.

@Adrianwatkins, If it has started shipping, tracking number can be found on BackerKit website.

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For those not aware, you can login to your BackerKit site ( to check whether it has been “shipped”. If so, then you should see a tracking number under “Track your package”.


Thanks! Looks like it hasn’t shipped yet so there’s no number - now I understand! :smiley:

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I am refreshing the DHL page every 5 minutes until I get the shipping details…

OK. Kidding… hahahaa :crazy_face:

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I can’t see the replies. When is the schedule to ship to Singapore?

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@hiangheng, sorry, what replies you can’t see? As for schedule, I don’t think Philips gave any schedule dates for Singapore.

It’s ok. I saw the other replies. I haven’t received any notice of delivery yet. Still waiting…

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Same status…shipped on 1/14 with tracking number, but no results found on DHL. (backer 79xx)

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