Shipping to Singapore

Hello, please send us an email to
If you have already opened a claim, please don’t open a new one again but just write on the same thread. We will send you a UPS/DHL shipping label

Hi @PhilipsNono, when will support be available through the local channel (Philips Singapore)?


This depends on our distributor which is in charge of our sales in this region. If you have any issue, we can first have a look via call or email.

Thanks for your reply, @PhilipsNono.

My set is still working fine and I was just wondering when the product will become officially supported by the local distributor.

The uncertainty may be a factor for those who encounter problems, to decide to hold on to the sets and bring to the local Philips Customer Service Centre for support, instead of subjecting to the risk of potential delay in logistics.

Hi William, you did it via the browser or where did you download the apk? I try site load, airdrop, android easy share projection… All doesn’t work :joy: please provide your advice.

I download apk for MeWatch for mobile and install. It works