Shipping to Southamerica

Hello Philips, can we know if southamerica (peru) shipping is listed on the 500 units left. I know you are shipping 1500 to EU from the 2k you are sending before CNY. Or do we ve to wait the two weeks you said before.

I am interested on status for Colombia, thanks

could you share the ETA for Colombia, please?

@PhilipsNono any update for latin america backers? Would it be helpfull to know if we are on the next batch or will have to wait after CNY

@PhilipsNono still waiting an official response from you. EU backers aren’t the only ones. We just want to know if we have to wait after CNY or not…

Hello there! Sorry for the delay. Yes you will need to wait after CNY. Our production will be doubled thanks to the second factory

How about an update?

Please let us know if you have any additional information regarding the shipment for Latin America (Mexico). How many units will be sent and when, would be great to know.

Thank you.

I would also like to know an estimated date for Mexico!

Now that you are close to reopening, could you please give us an ETA?

@PhilipsNono ???

@PhilipsNono ETA for South America?

They don’t give a sh*t about South America…

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@PhilipsNono how about an answer today?

Guys, please read the banner.
All info are there. We are just starting back the production.
We will give news as soon as we have quantities and shipping.
There is no need to ask, as soon as we have the info we are posting it here :slight_smile:

@PhilipsNono The question is where is South America in your priority list. We’ve seen you guys talk about EU, the US, Russia, Asia, AU and New Zealand, but nothing about South America. Should we expect it in the 11K batch that you will allegedly have before April the 2nd?

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Yes for sure the 11K batch is counting ALL backers

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Hello, so how are we doing. 24 days have passed. Any news for South America? Thank you

Any news about southamerica @PhilipsNono???

Please check this topic Latest News Updates Summarized (bookmark it and keep following it as it’s updated very frequently)

There’s a list with countries where DHL suspended their shipment due to Covid-19, unfortunately Peru is on it.
Philips is looking for a solution for these countries.