Some Newbie Queries

Hi all

Finally received my PPM today here in Sydney. Tried to get all the set up done tonight by just projecting a small image on the wall before I get my new screen out tomorrow to give it a full run.

This is my first projector and I do have a few queries. Apologies if they seem simple or basic but remember I am a newbie!

  1. Screen size. I can see that this can be set via Zoom in the settings between 80-100%. To get accurate sizing therefore I take it the projector has to be moved to the optimal distance away from the screen? And to try and replicate every use? Also bit confused in my trial run just against the wall- when I started a movie in Netflix it then went more widescreen. So would I need to adjust image again when commencing playback?

  2. Focus. Picture seemed OK and auto focus is set by default. Is that the best option?

  3. When powered off and plugged in I assume red light is charging and blue is fully charged?

  4. Whilst I probably will generally use the battery as above when using the PPM I want the option to plug it in. The provided cable is painfully short. I am really confused about the type I need to get a longer one aprx 3M. What do I need to ensure it has in order to work? Any link to product on Amazon Australia or any Aussie supplier website would be great.

Thanks all

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