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Hi all

My PPM should arrive this week (Sydney, Australia). Too late for the initially intended summer backyard movies but perfect timing for lockdown.

Is there a thread or preferably single post (I couldn’t find one) for new users to refer to which shows everything you need to know to get up and running out of the box? Would someone like to make one in this thread which maybe the mods can move to Knowledge Base? I am sure it would be very useful.


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If you make one in this thread, quoting or linking to other info already on the forum, we can make it a KB item.

Was hoping someone could write one.

Anyone just want to list what to do with PPM straight out of the box? Just a numbered list even?

My suggested sequence:

  1. Read the quick start guide
  2. Connect PPMax to charger
  3. Pair AirMote using Bluetooth
    FAQ: How to pair the AirMote?
  4. Connect to Wi-Fi
  5. Configure regional settings
  6. Check that date/time is correctly updated
  7. Update firmware via online or offline method
  8. Update apps but DO NOT UPDATE NETFLIX APP
  9. Watch some YouTube videos
  10. Be happy :slight_smile:

Please feel free to add on.


Great list. Thank you.
Can you please provide more info on update apps whilst avoiding updating Netflix. How to do that. And to add new ones?

Some apps (eg. Smart YouTube) will prompt you that there is an update when you launch the app.

You can also go to the Aptoide app to update apps or install others.

Hope that helps. :grinning:

Add on to the above list:

  1. Fine tune the image to your preference.
    INFO: How to improve internal video picture quality?
    Edit: On 28 Mar 2020, Prashant (Philips) has confirmed that the above settings are already preset in firmware v1.0.27. There is no need to do the above steps anymore.

  2. If you would like to try other apps, check out this list.
    Working Apps List discussion, feeds the Working Apps List


Great list I’m sure many will find helpful.


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Hello all, for those who have received the PPM successfully, I have a noob question. Would you mind sharing how to operate it?
First of all, for the updates, after we install it, do we update Netflix or not?
Second, how to set up the remote?

Feel free to leave more questions below.

Don’t update Netflix or MX Player Pro.

For setting up the remote: How to pair the AirMote?

For others, check out the Unboxing/test videos + win prizes! thread which has many videos made by fellow users.

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Hi all

Finally received my PPM today here in Sydney. Tried to get all the set up done tonight by just projecting a small image on the wall before I get my new screen out tomorrow to give it a full run.

This is my first projector and I do have a few queries. Apologies if they seem simple or basic but remember I am a newbie!

  1. Screen size. I can see that this can be set via Zoom in the settings between 80-100%. To get accurate sizing therefore I take it the projector has to be moved to the optimal distance away from the screen? And to try and replicate every use? Also bit confused in my trial run just against the wall- when I started a movie in Netflix it then went more widescreen. So would I need to adjust image again when commencing playback?

  2. Focus. Picture seemed OK and auto focus is set by default. Is that the best option?

  3. When powered off and plugged in I assume red light is charging and blue is fully charged?

  4. Whilst I probably will generally use the battery as above when using the PPM I want the option to plug it in. The provided cable is painfully short. I am really confused about the type I need to get a longer one aprx 3M. What do I need to ensure it has in order to work? Any link to product on Amazon Australia or any Aussie supplier website would be great.

Thanks all

Hi @paulsmithy welcome.

You should really only use it if you cannot move the projector closer to the wall. As you lose some resolution/sharpness.

This is the best way, yes.

No need to do this. Different content has different aspect ratio. Just match the projector’s home screen, all other content will follow.


Yes, red means charging, blue means “not charging” (not necessarily full, it will be blue during normal usage too if the charger is not plugged). Check this for more INFO: What do the different LED colours mean?

Yes it’s an expensive 4A charging + usb-c video cable. So if you don’t use usb-c video, you can get another 4 ampere charging cable (high power usbc cable).

But the best way probably is to use a power extension cord and plug the supplied adapter to it. Then use the supplied cable, avoiding the trial-n-error hassle of finding the right cable.


@Philips_Support_P Thanks Prashant. Useful and helpful info as always. I even got excited that you’d replied directly to me - like you’re a celebrity!! Guess you are on here!!

Just re the cable- I really only want a longer cable for charging and using on electric power for a long movie session. I don’t really want to just use an extension lead as the power socket already has a lot in it. All I really want is a 3 metre charging cable therefore. Should I try and find one that plugs into your power adapter or get a standard one that plus with a standard usb connection into say an iPhone plug? And what other requirements does it need? I obviously want it to charge but not fry my precious PPM, especially when the battery is fully charged if it remains connected.
If you can find any examples on Amazon Australia that would be awesome- if you have time.
Thanks again

Hi @paulsmithy you need a “100 Watt” cable, for example:

@Philips_Support_P Awesome- thanks. And that can plug into the same wall adapter provided with the PPM??

Yes it can and will


In the past I saw some warnings as to not update Netflix app and so on…
My question is when I receive my new PicoPix today, what do I do to get it ready?