Sound Quality Difference issue: Pico pix max with and without Chromecast/ FireStick Tv

Hi @Philips_Support_P,

I observed one issue with difference in sound quality with and without chromecast/ firestick tv.

I have disney+ app downloaded from AptoideTV on my PicoPix max and i played few movies on the same and observed the background music or score is always loud than the dialogues.

But if i connect my chromecast/ firestick tv and play same movies again then sound quality of both background music and dialogues are balanced.

Long story short one cannot understand dialogues when apps on picopix are run but music seems way to loud, however same is not the issue when chromecast/ firestick is connected(dialogues are clearly audible without loosing background music quality.

Please let me know if this can be solved by any software update or i if have to do any settings.

@Philips_Support_1 @PhilipsNono @IvoGrijt @PhilipsNono JFYI.

best regards,
Pravin Ingle

Hi @pravin.v.ingle, this sounds like the Disney+ app sending Dolby audio to the projector. However the projector can only playback stereo sound, it cannot decode Dolby audio. Normally you can change the external device or app to output only Stereo sound. But according to Disney+'s support page the app uses the “highest” level automatically and there doesn’t seem to be a way to force a lower level.

You can try going to the hidden Android settings Device Preferences > Sound > Select formats > and select None: Never use surround sound. Maybe this helps.

@Philips_Support_P thanks for your reply. I will try that.
However, on Chromecast the sound is balanced on projector speaker so i fine with that for now( that i dont have to touch hidden settings :smiley:)

However, one more issue observed is related to Disney+ app itself( downloaded from Aptoide TV)

Sometimes when there are end credits rolling, the end credit moves to a right side corner and rest screen shows disney suggestions of other shows (kind of picture in picture mode), so now if i click back button or home button on airmote, screens hangs and projector restarts…( seems like crash and restart).

Can you please look in this as well and let me know if this can be solved?

I am reluctant to do any updates or touch any hidden settings are i am not sure if i break my PPM( sofware wise) i will get any new replacement, as it is crowndfunded project and i received it as a perk due to i backed the product.

so i am taking very soft steps and not going all out on it.

Please let me know.

thanks in advance!