Support for PicoPix Max

Bought PicoPix Max through Indiegogo. Finally got unit and it would not pair with remote or take input over lighting cable. Conversed over two week s with support over Email. They finally determined I needed to send back to Hong Kong. Said they were having trouble with DHL and it took 6 weeks to finally get labels. 3 days later I got confirmation that it had been delivered.
That was 4 weeks ago. Support will. Not answer me at all now. I have no way of knowing if this is a scam or if they are just ridiculously slow.

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This isn’t a scam. They are RIDICULOUSLY SLOW indeed. Good luck!

Does anyone from Phillips monitor this site??

Hello, the support is not made via this forum. This forum is made to exchange information, not open tickets. @Jamarsh4 please send back an email on the same email thread you received from our support team.

They quit answering me two weeks ago!

I sent a ticket in. They responded quick with a request for more information. Then they stopped responding! It’s been 6 weeks!

Please can you post the mail address for support and to open a ticket please and put it at the top of the news/info page

Same problem after their first answer even after opening 2 tickets.


My suggestion would be to contact Philips on Twitter and summarise your problem. Firmly but politely. And insistently. I resorted to this after having had no joy for months on here and via the email support system.

I did that and finally managed to get a new unit delivered from Switzerland in the last couple of days. It’s a good piece of equipment, I would say, albeit with certain limitations - especially for Apple ecosystem types such as myself (DRM limitations essentially, which I think occur because the projector concept is meant to be self-contained, rather than designed as a universal display device). I think I can get around some and hopefully most of these limitations with a bit of adjustment to the way I want to do things.

It’s certainly very nicely assembled and the image is of good quality, even if some of the electronic hardware and software choices are slightly sub-optimal from my initial impressions having played with it for a few hours today. I have to say though I would not be prepared to pay the advertised list price for the device, because at least for my use cases, the device doesn’t add sufficient value to justify that sum.

So it’s certainly a very good try, even I would question the fundamental concept behind the machine as a self contained media centre. I don’t think that’s the way people consume content these days, you see. The other issue is that the sound is really not up to scratch by today’s standards and you can’t throw the sound wirelessly to another device such as a HomePod, which is quite old-fashioned in today’s world.

But certainly worth getting hold of it if you are looking for a good if not perfect portable projector / self contained media centre and you have paid the Indiegogo price. Once again contact Philips on Twitter. Briefly tell them the issue and they should hopefully respond.

Good day. Is there an alternative Free VPN that can be downloaded. I dont have Express VPN subscription. Thanks.

(cannot create topics now on this forum?).

@Philips_Support_T could you please check?

Dear @Jamarsh4,
Apologies for the delays, a replacement unit for you was shipped today with UPS. Our Customer Care team will provide you with the tracking number shortly.
@Njape We will follow up on your request soon.
@Vinions, unfortunately, I cannot see any contact information so I cannot identify your ticket. Please update your ticket or provide me with your email.

Thank you and have a nice weekend!

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How did you find me? No one has answered my emails in weeks. Thank you so very much.
Please stay safe!

I thought I replied but I can’t seem to find it. I just updated the ticket. My support ticket number is 30155.

Thank you !

We have all your emails. Unfortunately, they were not handled on time, we apologize for that. We are working to improve the quality of our services. I have updated your request with the tracking number and as I see, your projector should be delivered today.

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Thank you for the information! It will be followed up shortly.

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Please tell me what happened. Why did it take 4 weeks to send me a label to send my unit to Hong Kong? Why did communication stop and my unit is still in Hong Kong.