Troubleshooting: Choppy playback when casting YouTube


If you cast from YouTube app on your phone, you will notice the playback performance is quite bad. The video is not smooth, and there may be an error message displayed on the screen. This is a known issue.

Temporary Solution

Use SmartYouTube instead:

  • First, turn off Google Cast by going to Projector Settings > Mirroring > iOS > Google Cast and pressing OK on it to uncheck the option.
  • Next, open SmartYouTube, on the left side go to Settings at the bottom and choose either Link with WiFi or Link with TV code (recommended). Then follow the on-screen instructions.

Once you’ve linked your phone to the projector using this method, wireless YouTube casting will have perfect playback performance.

You can also press [OK], then go to QUALITY - VIDEO and choose a better quality. We suggest using 1920 x 1080 at up to 60 fps, and the vp9 codec.


Due to a bug, the built-in YouTube cast implementation is not using hardware decoding on the projector. Due to this, video playback uses software decoding, which has bad performance. We plan to fix this in an update. In the meantime, using SmartYouTube’s casting feature will give you perfect playback, since it does use hardware decoding.


With the newest Firmware as of 2020-07-11, You gotta update Smart Youtube for the TV Code to be fully visible. Before the update, the entire UI was cut off on the right side, incorrect scaling.

You can upgrade or even downgrade smart YouTube your self in the aptoide store, if you only started having this problem from the 11th of July then maybe you had auto update on and the new version is causing this? otherwise there shouldn’t be any changes

Today is the first time I used this Smart Youtube app after finding out the official Chromecast doesn’t work properly. And so I found out Smart Youtube wasn’t working right from the get go. I can’t say if aptoide autoupdated it.

Then check what your version is and go in to aptoide and see what’s the latest one then either update or downgrade and see if that works

Smart YouTube worked after I allowed the update prompt to proceed with the update. So it should be on the newest one now.