Troubleshooting : Display with vertical pink lines.

I received the picopix max weeks ago.
I tried it for half a day and everything was ok.
I stored it in his bag in vertical and didn’t touch it due to overwork and family matter.
I have finally had some time to play again with it.
First thing I did was to check for upgrade. I tried to upgrade it from the projector through wifi. The download was ok but the projector didn’t reboot and didn’t install the new sofware. I tried it twice, reboot the picopix max manually inbetween then some purple vertical lines appeared. it was odd, reboot it again then all the projection had vertical lines and image was doubled.

So I tried a local upgrade, had to try it twice before the picopix reboot and install the new software version. I thought an upgrade would fix it, but it did not…

any thoughts about it?

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