USA charger died on first connection

I received my picopax a little less than 3 hours ago. Plugged it to the wall, saw a spark and the charger doesn’t work any more. For reference I plugged many device to this outlet and never had an issue.
What should I do to have a working charger? Hope this is covered by the warranty!

A small spark isn’t uncommon due to inrush current though. Have you tried the USB-C cable with another charger to rule out a faulty cable? And can you charge (or at least some combination of red/blue LED indication) on the PPM when using another charger?

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Agreed wouldn’t be the first spark in the history :slight_smile:

I tried using the original charger base with a different cable - no light.
The used my Apple charger with original cable - blinking red/blue

So it does seem this spark was a bad one - wdyt?

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I agree, even though there’s some incompatibility with Apple chargers, at least it starts talking to the PPM which means the cable is OK. It doesn’t make sense for the factory to test these chargers during PPM production so most likely it was DOA already from the supplier. Wouldn’t be the first time, will not be the last. Whether three are spare chargers ready to ship out, that’s another question…

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Make sense. So would you recommend sending an email or wait for Phillips to see this post? Or even just buy a charger with the proper specs for now?

Also I am not quite sure, would using my Apple USBC charger make the charging slower or no charging at all?

Btw, thanks so much for being so responsive!

A spare USB-PD charger is never a bad thing! Figuring out the compatibility matrix seems to be tricky though. I haven’t received my unit yet so I haven’t been able to test their USB-PD compatibility first hand but it seems to be a bit picky as it doesn’t seem to want to play ball with the Apple chargers.

I’m not sure which email this would go to, as this is a logistics/customer service thing and not a dev thing but @Philips_Support_P might want to chime in?

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Yup doesn’t play out w Apple even with the Phillips cable so I assume it is not a built-in chip compatibility issue in the cable it self.

For the ref the output of the 65W PD is as follow: 9V-3A, 12V-3A, 15V-4A, 20V-3.25A.
Taking a quick look at Amazon it looks to be relatively standard (though also claimed to be Apple compatible)

UPDATE: after reading more into it - Apple macbooks charger are 61W and IPad are up to 30W. I assume this isn’t why it doesn’t work with those. On the other hand, a decent 65W charger will cost $50 in store!

Yeah, my latest Apple PD charger is a 96W one, those are insanely expensive to buy as a spare. It has an interesting twist though, the output voltage and current levels are as follows:

20.5V/4.7A (96W), 15V/3A (only 45W!), 9V/3A and 5.2V/3A.

It seems that the PPM won’t even attempt to negotiate any 20V power contracts even though for 60+W you should be supporting the 20V level according to the PD 2.0 standard. I haven’t been able to verify the policy restrictions first hand though as I don’t have the PPM yet.

I received my PPM today and I tried to charge it with Apple 87W charger to no avail. I was hoping this would work 'coz I have that charger always plugged in and keep switching between various USB-C devices. BTW can you let me know where to find the Volt-Amp supported combination?

@Philips_Support_P: Would it be possible for you to get someone to investigate this? Thanks in advance.

ZMI ( has a 65 watt PD with the same output.

I went to BestBuy and for a Insigna 65W with identical specs. Works fine! (Almost $60 tho :frowning:)

Hi @IvoGrijt, one day my PicoPix Max tripped the electricity circuit and now the charger is also no longer working. Can I get a replacement charging adapter? what is the power of the adapter if I would like to get a 3rd party adapter instead?

Check here for the power requirements and tips for alternative chargers: PPM Power requirement

The USB-C charger has to give 15V 3A (4A preferred)

As for the defective one you can send an email to and request a replacement, on the return form you can indicate wanting only the charger to be replaced.