Using a ceiling as a screen

Can the PPM use the ceiling as a screen? It would be convenient to use the ceiling of a hotel room as a screen. But I am worried that this might damage the DLP.

It can, just point it at it! :grin:

On a serious note: why do you think it might damage the DLP? The fans blow out the sides, not the back of the PPM, so as long as you don’t block the vents, it should be fine.

Other manufacturers have warned for that this would happen. It’s hearsay, but this is why I asked.
In a proper manual it would be noted, but no manual yet.

(hint hint hint…)

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Actually, most pico projectors I see are marketed with a picture of projecting to the ceiling :smiley:

Can’t wait to do this on business trips “do you want another beer?”… “nope, im off to my ‘cinema’ bedroom”

Netflix (in the ceiling) and chill on a hotel room is almost to much too fast.

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Holy Grail right there. I presume there’s an auto shut off on the PJ for 2hrs later when you’ve nodded off :wink:

There is explicit support for it, the auto keystone detects this and switches to ceiling mode. So you don’t have to project straight up at 90°.

And you can set a shutdown timer in settings.


I have used mine several times on different ceilings. I would recommend that you possibly mount the PPM on a standard camera tripod as the USB-C cable on mine was getting bunched using the included tripod. Otherwise works great!

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I have been using mine for ceiling projection for over a month now. It displays about a 80” screen and I am really enjoying it. Not have any problem so far.

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The ability to project on the ceiling is my primary requirement before I made the commitment to purchase this. The manufacturer has even assured me that their tripod will be able to tile 90 degree upward to ensure minimum distortion.

Unfortunately the tripod shipped to me look difference. But there is no problem with using the ceiling as the screen:

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