Vertical Keystone

Is the vertical keystone done with a digital level, so that the projector senses the angle it is in, and assumes that the image wall is vertical? I am planning to use an angled screen underneath the ceiling in my bedroom. Will this work then? Or is it done by camera?

It’s done with a ‘digital level’ (gravity sensor). So the wall is assumed to be perpendicular to gravity.

But we fully understand your use-case. For this, a manual keystone adjustment option will be added soon. Until then, for internal Android you can use the 4-corner correction to achieve a similar effect.


Can the keystone be disabled completely?

Yes, just turn Auto Keystone off in Settings. But there’s a bug currently which doesn’t reset it back to zero, but just turns off automatic re-adjustment. It’ll be fixed soon enough. For now, please put it on a straight level surface and then turn auto-keystone off. :grimacing:


Prashant, can u still keep an option of turn off auto keystone but keep it as is? Use case is that i ust want ppm to remember the setting. Please add reset zero as an extra option.


What is the ETA on manual keystone control?

Being able to use it only on vertical walls is a problem, especially as it was promoted as being able to project vertically.


Hi, is there a way to manually adjust vertical keystone in HDMI mode?

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Not at the moment, it was inadvertently omitted. We are adding it back now.


In my experience so far, vertical keystone correction isn’t working well. Hopefully, this is be improved together with the manual settings. :slight_smile:

It can project vertically. I’ve used mine that way a bunch. Just point it at the ceiling and it works.

There’s a certain cutoff angle where the auto keystone switches between horizontal and vertical wall mode.

however, I find it easier to put the projector above the headboard and use Ceiling projection mode (to flip the image)

Any ETA Release version for this, we could add to:


Everything is on hold due to China situation. We are expecting offices to reopen next week.

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