Release Notes - Overview

Firmware 1.0.25

Coming soon 1.0.26

  • color adjustment app
  • easy setup app
  • battery percentage display
  • WiFi screen bug fixes
    … some others

Did you already get 1.0.25?

No not yet

„We’re now working on the following software features for 1.0.26:

  • EasySetup app to easily pair the AirMote, setup time zone, WiFi etc.
  • Colour adjustment app - adding safe limits and remembering the settings
  • Battery percentage display
  • Low battery warning
  • WiFi status display on home screen

The following are dependent on the systems team in China which due to holidays is on hold:

  • Low battery pop up while using other apps
  • showing color adjustment as overlay on top of content
  • adaptive fan speed
  • presets for 4-corner correction

… among others.“ - Via @Philips_Support_P

@Philips_Support_P can you maybe provide us an fresh version of the following list:

Current Bug / Planned Features list

Would be nice to see where the prioritys are at the moment and what to expect in the future :sunglasses:


Hello, just to be fare not everything is right in this bug list; in exmple #10 is fixed just in english and unsolved for others languages…
and I haven’t seen the colour ajustement in this list, still not avaliable?#16 is similar but not really the issue or I’m wrong?

my best

It is fixed in 1.0.32.

(The target version column reflects the original target, as clarified in that post.)

As said before, it is available to beta testers, but not to public because adaptive fan control was a pre-requisite for it.

#16 is a different issue.


is so difficult to give us a straight answer? we don’t have acces to 1.0.32, so until now isn’t fixed for normal users

is so difficult to give us a straight answer? still no colour ajustement

my best

Hello @mario,

Bug #10 - the option was renamed in 1.0.26 for English language and released to public. It was translated into all other languages in v1.0.32, but only released to beta testers. It will be available to the public in v1.1.0 which will release next week on 7th of May.

Color adjustment - this feature was made available to beta testers a few months ago, but not to the public, because it requires the fan speed to be adaptive, which is not available to users yet. Once it is available (in v1.1.0), we will do extensive testing. If it is found not to impact the longevity of the product, we will make it available to all users in a future update.

Feature #16 - This feature improves the experience of adjusting the 4-corner correction, by making it faster to adjust. It has not been made available to the public. It is different from colour adjustment.


Is it so difficult to stay polite? You can, as far as I understand, get acess to 1.0.32 if you sign up to be a beta tester. Otherwise you need to be patient till public release, but can be sure that you’ll get a pre-tested version taht shouldn’t introduce extra complications.
From a development perspective, the issues seem to be addressed though if 1.0.32 is now being beta-tested, so @Philips_Support_P is giving us exactly the sort of information we are hoping for as backers, i.e. insight into development process/progress.


hello @franzli,
I’m sorry if you consider not polite my message!
may I ask you since when you’re trying to be a moderator?
I’m in this forum since day1 and i can assure you i’ve seen all sort of messages, from users, from moderators, and from phrasant and nono…
I really don’t se how I’m not polite asking to be more clear!

I too think that the tone in your message does come across as slightly impolite. For instance “is so difficult to give us a straight answer?” implies that Prashant is trying to hide something and it can be interpreted as somewhat aggressive. But I’m going to take your word for it when you say that you don’t mean it as that.

In my experience, normal users seldom have access to this kind of lists with bugs, planned features and such. I think it’s on us - the users asking for info - to learn how read them properly, if we want to have this kind of insight into the inner workings of the development. After all, the “normal” way for tech companies to handle updates is to just release them, usually with a list of things that have changed.


hello @djupsjob,
thanks for you answer,
I’m not english native so, I’m sorry but you have to pay attention on the mining and much less on form.
I can understand what you mean but you have to admit also that this way giving answers is not totally the clearest way!

And i wasn’t asking for insight but just answers to problems unsolved since day 1, is not my fault if the answer is not clear enough, i was just asking more clear answers, why is so untechnical to say “no”?

@Philips_Support_P by the way thanks in taking the time to give a more clear information!

You may not be a native English speaker (not many on here are) but just as you want to be understood for not being one, you have to understand that despite your efforts your “tone” comes over as impolite. That’s what the others are trying to share with you. So please try to change your implied tone.

@IvoGrijt ok, thank you for the lesson

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@mario no problem and we are sorry that we have to use only English, because the translation plugin is not working. I hope we can solve this problem so that you can use the forum in your native language.