Video Delay to sync with bluetooth speaker

I haven’t received mine yet, but a great feature would be the ability to delay video playback by a user configurable time so that it syncs with a bluetooth speaker. I bought a speaker recently and was disappointed to find that it wasn’t usable to watch movies on my laptop due to audio lag, so something to compensate for this in the pico would be fantastic.

Do you mean video delay from an external source (such as a laptop over HDMI or USB-C video) or from internal sources?

Delaying external video isn’t feasible as uncompressed digital video at 1080p60 rates would consume a vast amount of memory. Also there’s no way for the application processor inside the projector to access that video stream.

For internal sources video should already be delayed to match the Bluetooth audio delay, if the Bluetooth delay is correctly reported.

I haven’t received the unit yet either, but this has been discussed extensively from a technical perspective with @Philips_Support_P


Thanks for your reply!

I meant the internal video, so that’s great news if it will already do this. I guess it will depend on how whether the speakers themselves are up to spec … maybe an option to set it manually would be a good idea to handle speakers that aren’t. Anyway hopefully this device will do a better job of this than Windows!

Try pairing the speakers with a recent Android phone and you should get an idea if the speakers behave or not.

Thru the (numerous !) comments on Indiegogo, it was written by Philips that the VLC app in the PPM do it already.

Thanks … I tried it on my Huawei Nova 2i and there’s still a noticeable lag, so maybe my (new) speaker isn’t up to the latest standard … depending on if that counts as a recent phone of course!

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Thanks, that’s good news! I’m guessing that won’t work for things like watching Netflix though

Not just VLC but almost all apps will automatically compensate for Bluetooth delay. I have never tested a BT speaker or headphone so far on the PicoPix Max that had any delay. Occasionally a speaker has some delay for a few seconds before it gradually gets back in sync.

As suggested, please try any recent Android phone to verify that your speaker supports this. Most do.


Hi. I recently received my PPM and I paired my 2 x Harman/Kardon Onyx Mini bluetooth speakers to it for a wireless duel sound experience. They paired fine, but the audio delay makes the video unwatchable really. The video sources are internal, such as using the PPM’s Netflix & Prime Video apps. Is there anything I can do about this? I thought internal sources automatically synced. Any help or advice much appreciated. BTW, I have to keep adjusting the focus too many times for it to be normal; I know I need to seek comment on this elsewhere in this forum, but thought I would just mention the one other issue I am having.Thanks!

Hi @David_Baker, yes internal content should sync up fine within a second or two. We’ve tested multiple popular BT speakers and headphones. If it doesn’t, it’s usually due to poor Bluetooth implementation on the speakers or to a lesser extent, the app if it doesn’t use standard Android video playback API.

For these cases, many apps like VLC or MX Player will let you delay the video vs. audio to compensate for this. But I’m not aware of Netflix or Amazon Prime having this feature.

It is not possible to blanket delay all video playback on a system level though, for various technical reasons, nor should it be necessary if you’re playing streaming or prerecorded content.


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Use KODI and set the desired audio delay in the playback settings. You can even make it default for all videos.

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