What happened to Australia?

There are a few of us Aussies who got excited after Update #17 - We’d all love an idea of when to expect AUS shipments.


Patiently waiting in Geelong!

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Same, waiting in SE Melbourne. Would be nice to enjoy it outdoors of an evening before summer ends, not that the smoke hasn’t been another issue at the moment.


None are shipping at the moment while they fix quality and firmware issues.
But it would be good to have it before the summer ends. As I’ll be using it outside projecting from internal memory, so I’m sure I’ll be happy with the product.

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Has anyone in Australia received their order? I’m #3509 and haven’t received any word that my order has shipped. Heading off overseas for 4 months in early February and hoping to get my order before I leave

I’m also patiently waiting in Geelong!

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Hello from Frankston. :wave: I reckon we might see ours in March now. Which was my guess when they first announced shipping had begun. Not sure why the next batch was supposed to be EU & AU. Seems like opposite directions. Either way, looks like we’ve been sent to the back of the line.

Nice! Geelong crew represent.

Melbourne here

I hope the next batch is for EU and AU, as per earlier updates, not just EU…

I’m in the NT, in Katherine. But I expect not to see it in the mail for some time.

Hi there, I’m from Brisbane and I am happy to wait until the ppm is finished and great…

Has anyone in AU received their PPM yet? Backer in Melbourne and haven’t seen anything yet either.

Is Australia included in the coming 2k-3k batch shipment? Or is the next one just for EU?

I’m in Adelaide, contribution #1399 and also waiting…

I am In Brisbane with # 16XXX also eagerly waiting … :frowning_face:

@Philips_Support_N would you be able to give us some insight like you have with Europe please?

Make sure to check the EPA AirWatch for before watching movies outdoors during this fiery Summer :mask: :upside_down_face:

Waiting here in Sydney.

Mine is #93XX

It will happen :slight_smile:
I try to put things like this to the back of my mind so it’s a great surprise when it arrives (otherwise it’ll be all I think about… haha :smiley: )

In the other Aussie shipping thread the Philips guys responded saying that they’re sending us 500-700 units at the end of the week! I let out an audible WOOOOHOOO and my wife ran in to see why I was so excited.