What to update and what not?

In Australia, and receive my device today. So far so good. Slight bluetooth audio sync issues using a Sounblaster Roar, but it seems to vary between apps, usb, network streaming etc…

So, i see various topics on what not to update, but now running firmware 1.0.27, can i confirm should i update these?

  • Netflix
  • S YouTube
  • VLC
  • MX Player pro
  • Aptoide TV
  • Firefox


Netflix no longer crashes on playing certain videos

This one had been plaguing a lot of our users. Happy to report this bug has been squashed (thanks Rockchip for fast turnaround).

Also, please DO NOT update the Netflix app.

This is what Philips says about updating (quote is from Beta Testers section):


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Thank you, so the others on then?

Everything else should be okay to update.

(Thanks @djupsjob!) :+1:

Actually, no. Don’t update MX Player Pro either. Details in this thread: https://community.philipsprojection.com/t/new-users-start-here/4696/13.

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Good catch, I forgot about that one!

@mossy hope you didn’t update it yet! :grimacing:

Ok thank you. I couldnt see MX player pro worked anyway. It didnt find any network or anything. VLC seemed to be the best. What have you found MXPlayer pro good for, different to the VLC?

I haven’t received my PPM yet, so I haven’t got a clue. I just remembered reading something about not updating that app either.

Would it not be easier for Philips to setup their own Store App on the device which hosted the supported App’s which work for download and updates. Controlling it that way will make it easier for everyone.
App’s get updated all the time by vendors so one might work this week and be broken by the next.


I updated VLC and now it wont open. How do i get the old version back again?

Try clearing the app’s cache using the hidden settings menu

I uninstalled and installed again and it worked! Thank you

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Can we update inbuilt apps manually? I am getting notifications every time I open SYouTube for update. Should I go ahead and update the app? Or it not recommended?

Yes you can update all EXCEPT Netflix and MX Player Pro

Hi IvoG, changing the subtitle colour doesn’t work in MX Player Pro. Where can I report this?