What was the reason given for not using Google Services?

I am wondering what was the reason for not including Google Services and using Android TV as the interface for this projector? The current state of the OS on this projector is very limited and the apps through the Aptuide are few…

I was also curious why Chromecasting is not supported on this unit…

From the FAQ:

Can I login into Google apps (Youtube for eg)?
Despite all our efforts to communicate with Google, we can’t make our PicoPix Max to be certified and get the GMS so we cannot have the Android Playstore. But you can use your own account on Youtube!

In other words, you need to ask Google why they chose to not certify the projector for Google Mobile Services (GMS).

As for your question about casting: have you tried the steps outlined in this forum post?

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I am especially curious for the reasoning behind using Android AOSP instead of Android TV as many projectors seem to do.
A couple of weeks back, the said the reason was Netflix 1080p. They though that Netflix certification/white listing was not required when using Android AOSP and is required when using Android TV. However, we have all learned that Netflix certification is necessary in either case (that’s why we are using the patched version of the app and cannot update).

So besides Netflix, was there any other reason for choosing Android AOSP over Android TV?

Maybe @Philips_Support_P can answer this one :slight_smile:



1: for GMS: Google doesn’t want to certify any Projector because there is no touchscreen. The base to certify a product is so have a touchscreen like Tablet, Smartphone, Android Cars… If you don’t have a TS, the experience of using apps will be degraded
2: for Android TV: the main reason is NEtflix, impossible to certify a projector for the moment. We also chose AOSP because it’s much more versatile, you can install what ever app you want and also we can modify the launcher the way we want


So correct me if I am wrong, if Google will not certify ANY projector without a touch screen, does that mean the prospect of getting GMS on the PPM is now 100% dead?

What exactly does no GMS mean though? Does it mean we will never be able to sign into Google apps like Drive/Docs/Photos etc?

I currently own a Laser Beam Pro C200 that I can sign into all my google apps.

Help me understand please.

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What’a the benefit of regular Android when since no Google play services makes installing a lot of apps that need activation impossible.

Hi @Philips_Support_N and @Philips_Support_P,
You say that the choice was made to go for AOSP Android instead of Android TV for 2 reasons:

  • Netflix certification
    We also need Netflix certification on the current AOSP Android release. That’s why we have a patched version after all :slight_smile:
  • More versatile and you can install more apps
    Certainly true but from what I gather from the initial reviews, the quality of the apps is much lower since they are not made for a TV interface. The airmote solves this partly but it remains a bit wonky.
  • Is there any other reason why Android TV was not chosen?

Is it technically possible to switch to Android TV at some point in the future? :slight_smile: It would not solve issues but at least a lot of the complaints would be gone.

Thanks you for your answer! :slight_smile:

Not necessary dead, please see:


Google Playstore on PicoPix Max (Unofficial Proof of Concept):


I like your optimism but what makes you think that Google will change their whole policy for not giving GMS to non-touchscreen devices because a few people will write to them? Philips is big enough as brand and since they didn’t even respond to them … I would doubt it quite a bit that there is any hope at all.

So I also would like to ask if it is possible to migrate to Android TV?

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Technically that should be possible but according to Philips most of the asked potential customers (during product concept) didnt wanted Android TV.

Maybe this will change now that the custom Android is used on a daily base by more and more real customers:



Yeah but still nothing from @Philips_Support_N or @Philips_Support_P if that is even to be considered at all (or at least I haven’t seen anything from them on this topic).


For Android TV: unfortunately we won’t move to this OS on the current Max version as the hardware doesn’t allow it. It requires a special CPU
For Fire OS: we reached Amazon 2 months ago and they put this project on hold internally

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@Philips_Support_N I can’t get the aptoide store to work. I’ve allowed all permissions, cleared the cache (in app & projector), I even factory reset and it still won’t work. Downloads are all stuck at 0%! What do I do?

Some streaming apps don’t work due to the lack of GMS. Casting for these app doesn’t work either. HDMI is not an option due to lack of BT/4CC.

Does anybody have a workaround for this?

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what about sideloading? lets hack the damn thing

If you mean sideloading apk, it’s not a hack, it’s even recommended by Philips :wink:

Already on the horizon, as linked in

I assume that Google Drive would be accessible from a browser for displaying media from there?

Yes, same for gmail etc