What's New in Shipments & Software Update

What’s New

We just shipped 430 pieces to:

  • USA
    Factory are now closed and we will restart manufacturing on February the 8th. Our new factory is now fully prepared to maximise the quantities!
    We will keep you posted,

Software update V1.0.25

This much-awaited update squashes many of the most urgent issues, giving you even more hours of fun & entertainment!

Discussion thread: Discussion: Software Update v1.0.25

Here’s what’s new.

Netflix in 1080p!

This update finally brings to you artifact-free Netflix in pristine Full HD 1080p resolution. Not much more else to say. Ta-dum!

Note: please do not update the app when it asks you to do so. Only the version we ship in this update is tested to work correctly. If you accidentally updated it, just uninstall it. Then on first click, the projector will reinstall our default version. You may need to first give Screeneo Launcher the permission to install apps.

New default colour calibration.

You asked for it and we delivered. This update changes the default colour calibration to target D65 white point. In simple words it means the white is now closer to cinema standard — and not just white, but all colours. We’ve further taken steps to ensure that the colours on battery and while plugged in don’t differ by much. Tell us your opinion on the poll on the Technical Topics forum!


  1. There are no settings for your to adjust, it’s all automatic.
  2. There is some variation among different units out of the factory. So if you measure with a colorimeter you may not hit exactly D65 on your specific projector. An app to fine-tune the colour is being released to beta testers and will soon be available to everyone.
  3. It is normal if initially you feel the colours are “reddish” — this is our eyes playing tricks on us. Since the colours were too greenish/bluish before, the new calibration, even if it’s more correct, will feel too red. After a day you’ll feel it’s normal.
  4. There is a small -10% difference in measured brightness, but because of better colours, the perceptual brightness is not affected much.
  5. The Presentation mode is left as-is, to provide the maximum brightness. It does not match D65 colours.
  6. Bonus! The Energy Saver mode, while running on battery power, uses substantially less power than before. We expect around 30 min longer play time than before, an unprecedented 3.5 hrs.

Smart-YouTube — log in to your account now possible

We’ve replaced the official Google YouTube app with Smart-YouTube TV. This app is very similar to the official one, but adds a lot of useful features including the ability to log-in to your YouTube account. Let us know how it works!

Sharpness adjustment

We have tuned the built-in sharpness, and provided a setting for you to fine-tune it. Just go to Projector Settings > Image > Color Adjustments > Sharpness.

Tip: set it to 0 for the most cinematic quality. Set it a bit higher, say 20, to get crisper text. (The default is kept at 50 in order not to surprise you with fuzzier picture, but we recommend you fine-tune it to your liking).

Other improvements:

  • Digital Zoom aspect ratio is now correct. No more distorted rectangles!
  • Touchpad responsiveness is improved.

How to do online update?

Start the update by going to your projector’s Settings > Software Update > Check.

  • We have beefed up the servers, but still expect a lot of traffic.
  • If your download stops in the middle, please click Retry several times until it resumes.
  • If you cancel the download and Check again, due to a bug in the update program, it might say it’s already the latest version. In this case please reboot the projector and try again. Your download progress will not be lost.

How to do offline update?

If you are encountering problems with online update, check this article: How to do offline software update?.

Hope you enjoy this update. There are still several issues we’re working on. Software updates will continue to come at a steady pace over the next several weeks.