Discussion: Software Update v1.0.25

This is the thread to discuss the announcement Software Update v1.0.25 is now available. Note that the original thread is read-only.


I like what you are doing to improve. Can’t wait to get mine. Thank you.

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I just updated. Not sure about anything else but I am still not liking the red. Lip color is still wrong. Is there anything that can be done to correct that? Thanks!


Will the next shipments of pico pix have the newer software?

Only the units assembled after today.

Got 1.0.25 today and re-watched my test videos.

New color map makes internal played video seem much closer to when the same files are rendered by my phone. Less loss of detail on darkish areas with .25 vs .24. Still can’t turn up the brightness past about 55 without true black getting over boosted vs near black values and getting a very false colored look.

I like the addition of the sharpness control. Currently watching with sharpness 0 and it’s still very clear, does a lot to reduce the blocky look of a very large image and smooth out the gaps between pixels. Text looks way better on sharpness 0 as well, much smoother, more anti-aliased looking and easier on the eyes. Any chance we could get an even wider sharpness range past 0, like to -50% on the current scale? Don’t need any more beyond 100, that value is absolutely unwatchable / painful to read on my unit.

If there is this much ability to pre-process an image before it gets too the emitter, I wonder what else can be done to de-blockify the image in .26 …


So Netflix had an update. One updated it asked to delete a file. File was deleted. When Netflix was opened, it asks to update. Once updated the image quality has become super blurry specially when browsing through the titles aside from watching a movie or series. Now everytime Netflix is opened it’s asking to update. If you update it. Then it’s saying there is an update available and to update it… Lol scratching my head. BTW this was after updating to .25

Release notes from Philips were clear that you should not update the Netflix app when asked to do so, as the version delivered with .25 has been patched by them. Any update overwrites the patch and returns you to the lower resolution Netflix. The notes also explain that if you have mistakenly updated Netflix, then just delete it and the projector will download the correct version next time you start the app.


Philips said that if you update by mistake you should uninstall the app and then a placeholder will be still present to install the pre-loaded app in the system. At least this was my understanding :wink:

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with the new update !! I can’t update Netflix

@Moises_Nunez, the update mentioned below:


I would offer a very minor suggestion: I know everyone is busy but maybe @Philips_Support_P could convince the software team to share with us on here a minimal list of those software issues they already know to be in the current software release. I have seen a few mentioned here and there but nowhere a somewhat partial collection.
Maybe it could be useful to reduce the clutter with the technical email contacts, and could save time for everyone now that new batches are being shipped?


If we can’t update the app it isn’t good!
If The app doesn’t work fine in the future (in 1, 2 years) will they update it, or we will not be able to use Netflix anymore.
If there are new features in the futur in a new app we will not be able to use it…
Why can’t we use the official Netflix app ?

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We can’t use the latest official Netflix app (in FHD) because the ppmax is not on Netflix whitelist. It’s virtually impossible for a projector to be on their withelist (don’t think any projector on the market is white listed as of today).
The simple fact to have a Netflix app installed straight away (without going through Kodi, etc…) with full HD is already pretty good and was achievable because of Widevine L1. Once again, I don’t think you will find a lot of projectors (if any) with this ability.
That being said, you are right that the follow up from Phillips will be required in the future if they want to update a newest version.


There will be other updates on PPM, with newer Netflix versions.
Unless Netflix whitelist PPM…
There is a petition for that here : https://netflix.canny.io/feature-requests/p/whitelist-netflix-for-widevine-l1-projectors-like-philips-picopix-max

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I just tried a few things. and this is what I’m experiencing so far:

The colour is crisper. My eyes thank you! They no longer feel strained.
The font is readable! although still tiny.
The bright greens are still florescent, but medium and darker greens look normal, so do yellows.

I can no longer scroll in YouTube, nor can I click on anything in the menu, although if I search when I first open it, I can find things and they play well. I prefer the other YouTube for these reasons. As it is, it really isn’t functional.

And my fan is a lot louder.

It just spontaneously jumped into the homepage of one of my apps! While I have been typing this out.

Ooo! Then I was watching a YouTube Video and it jumped into the homepage of another app.

So, overall, there’s hope.

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For those with glitches, apps closing, jumping to home screen, etc. Just factory reset. Solved all issues for me. Very happy with this update. Colors as have improved further and sharpness is much better.


One Major company managed that:


Just because they are using the same operating system for their TVs. WebOS.

BTW: I dont know if that in the Screenshot is true, but when Anker realy have managed that… Respect!



How is watching sport on PPM? Some Android tv boxes doesn’t show sports well because of fadt moving objects.