What's the plan for further firmware upgrades?

Now that most of the units have been produced (albeit not reached their customers), I am curious to find out what the plan is for further firmware updates. As I can see, there are still a number of outstanding bugs, and a good amount of feature suggestions to be dealt with. So what is the plan? (Still waiting eagerly for my unit).

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See Current Bug / Planned Features list

Also read Software Update threads posted by PhilipsEngineering, for example Software Update v1.1.01 & v1.1.02 are available now

They usually explain what will be tackled next.

Thanks Piotrek, however that bug/feature list has not been updated for quite a while, which is the reason I am asking. There is basically no plan beyond 1.1.1.

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Good point, I haven’t noticed most stuff from that list was already addressed

Prashanth should update this list in the coming week.

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