Software Update v1.1.01 & v1.1.02 are available now

Hello PicoPix Max users,

we have released a service update v1.1.01 on 2020-05-14T00:00:00Z and v1.1.02 on 2020-05-18T00:00:00Z, which fixes some urgent issues:

  • Graphics performance improvement preference is now remembered across reboots. To be sure this is active for you, please go to Settings > Image > Keystone Correction > Automatic Keystone Correction, turn it off and then back on.
  • The HDMI-related bug which was causing the PicoPix to turn on randomly, sometimes overheating, is solved now. Note that with this, HDMI CEC control is completely disabled. It was enabled recently with an update as an experiment, but in the interest of safety & reliability we have decided to disabled it. The CEC settings in Android hidden settings will have no effect.
  • Amazon Prime Videos should work again now.
  • Built-in apps were updated:
    • Hulu
    • Kodi (now pre-installed)
    • Amazon Prime Video
    • SmartYouTube
    • ExpressVPN (Philips ed.)
    • VLC Player.
  • v1.1.02 fixes a rare issue where the light engine might not power on at all.

Known issues

IMPORTANT: Preloaded apps may lose their user configuration data. In particular, as Kodi is now a preinstalled app, your Kodi configuration may get overwritten with this update. Please backup your Kodi config before updating and restore it after the update. We are looking for a solution urgently.

All other bug fixes and improvements will be made in upcoming releases. In particular, we are aware that:

  • Manual keystone is not saved across reboots
  • SD Card and USB drives may not be writeable by 3rd party apps
  • The battery ‘time remaining’ may sometimes display negative durations

We are working fast to fix those bugs and add more features for you. Thanks for your patience.

How to install?

Use our recommended offline update method: INFO: How to do offline software update?


Simply go to Settings > Software Update > Software Update > Check and update online.


Thank you for this quick update for fixing urgent issues.
Do you think in the next update, the performance improvement will be enabled even with automatic keystone is disabled? Perhaps you should move your code in the 4 corner correction which will only be triggered if all corners are at (0,0).
Also, I have to be honest, 4 corner correction has been proven more “useless” with the discovery of big performance hit. It’s not available in external sources and only takes effect internally but it takes massive performance hit. I think you made a bad decision not putting dedicated hardware for this feature. Honestly, might as well remove the feature so that new people won’t complain about it anymore. Anyway, just my opinion. I don’t use it much anyway :smiley:

Yes, this is in the pipeline.

The dedicated part would have easily added another 100€ or more to the price and 1 month to the timeline, plus added another critical dependency in the supply chain.

It should be noted that the performance hit does not apply to video playback for the vast majority of apps.


Wow that’s a lot! But still, I just think the feature is just there to say that it’s there but basically it;s not that useful. I was fine for it not being available on external sources but the performance hit really let me down. Anyway, looking forward for more improvements to the software :smiley:

It depends on your need and expectation. I watch movies with my family all the time with the 4-corner enabled and the projector tucked in a corner.

Well, you are right. To be fair, it still have its uses especially once the linearity issue has been fixed. But it’ll be very limited uses such as 1080p@30fps on youtube and no kodi, etc. I wonder if the competitions have the same issue with 4 corner correction. I guess we’re getting off-topic :sweat_smile:

It’s always a question about the purpose of the PPM. For me it’s about portability, for watching outside or a quick setup in the kids room.

For the main - day to day - entertainment I’m using a “big” projector attached to my home entertainment system.

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Just a toutgh

It would be nice if you could make the FOCUS logo smaller and maby in the lower corner.

It gigantic and quiete anoying when trying to get the best focus.

Im trying to Watch the Hole picture and focus on things in the picture.

Like hair or leafs when doing focus in a movie for example.

It would also be nice to access the color correction during playback to finetune the colors


Are you guys for real???..the PPMax is getting better and better with every new update :+1:t2::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer:

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Updated OTA within few minutes. Tested S YouTube and VLC Player as I only use these. No issues so far. Well done on delivering quick updates. Thank you and keep up the good work.

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By the way, the 24hr time display bug still there. Very minor. Not an issue. Thanks.

I don’t think that would be ideal since the purpose of the focus pattern is to cover the whole screen so the focus algorithm will get the best focus for the whole screen :sweat_smile:

There are some hardware limitations preventing it, but we are working on an innovative solution for this.

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Yepp. But It’s sadly dosent work that well on auto.

Desent but not best focus across the Hole screen.

And the logo prevents you from seeing when manuelly edit the focus.

It’s like having a big logo in the way when looking in binoculars

Well you are right. But most of the time I use the text in the middle when I adjust manually.
Also, I noticed recently that I think you have to give it a few more seconds after you hear the autofocus sound stops and it seems to adjust the focus better with more accuracy. Not sure though if it’s real or it’s just me convincing myself it focuses better :sweat_smile:

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I thought the purpose of the focus ring is to help in focusing. For me, I look at the lines on the focus ring when I do arrow left/right for fine-tuning the focus.

100% agree on this. There seems to be a couple seconds after you settle on a focus point that is “drifts”?

I thought it was just me.

Please works on the bluetooth range @Philips_Support_P :pensive:
It very too short