Working streaming services Full HD


Any summary of streaming services working and not working? Via Application or web services?

The built in web browser, does it support/work with Apple TV+ (Any one tested to login)

Hi there. just tried Apple TV+ for you on the Chrome app. It works! Takes some time to load enough to get to proper quality and I feel like it doesn’t get to 1080p, but it’s definitely good enough to watch the content.

Besides that, streaming apps that I got working so far: Netflix, Spotify, Popcorn Time, KPN iTV and YouTube

Update: also got Disney+ working now


Stremio? HBO?

Stremio works but the default player is not smooth so it’s better to play on MX Player or Plex.

I haven’t gotten HBO to work

Could HBO attempt to use location services in some way and fail because of that?

It took me a long time to find a working apk for my Laser Beam Pro and settled on this one:,armeabi-v7a,x86,x86_64)(nodpi)

Navigation is terrible, but it plays.

Did you try one of the newer ones? Like the HBO NOW: Stream TV & Movies (Android TV) (Android 5.0+) APK from December 2019?

I’ll search for that one and give it a go. Probably not until the weekend.

It only works for the US :-/
When I try HBO GO EU 5.8.3 (Android 5.0+) APK Download by HBO Holding Zrt. - APKMirror it says it an unsupported device and i can’t trigger the “Agree and continue” button… I could for 5.6.1, but then I could only select eastern european countries and login didn’t work. On the HBO 3.6.1 the app won’t function without the Google play services. I’m stuck

Which APK for Disney+ or do you stream from other device to PPM?

I used the aurora store. See Working Apps List discussion, feeds the Working Apps List for more information.

Already got it working. But i’m going to try the aurora store!
(Does the aurora store is also working for the CC Aurora?)
I’m testing the CC Aurora vs the PPM…

Is that Disney+ really Disney+? I installed it and it was actually “Dream TV” :frowning:


Check how I got mine working in the other post.

An update on the HBO situation, I installed ‘ApkPure’ and ‘SetOrientation’ and then Installed the latest Apk from ApkPure for HBO (non Android TV version) and it works.

Had a weird bug when signing in that the AOSP keyboard would not input any numbers in the password field, I changed to the other keyboard option (in the hidden android settings) and was able to input numbers and sign in.

The only problem is it is VERY juttery, dropping frames ALOT, unwatchable (for me, kids could put up with it though)

Stremio was the same, dropping frames all the time. @PhilipsEngineering Any idea why this is happening? It appears to be a memory buffering kinda thing.

Hi @myminirocks please use a 5GHz wifi network if possible. On 2.4Ghz the performance is likely to be unsatisfactory.