Ability to fine-tune colour settings

It would be nice for users to be able to adjust the white balance (RGB gain) at minimum, and any other colour settings. This could account for both individual preferences, and tolerance in the optical engine.

Will this inclusion provide a reflection to the change in the battery utilisation? Unlike a permanently plugged in device, changes in these output settings should affect battery utilisation and it may be good to provide an update on the estimated duration the battery can sustain, based on changes in the settings.

A robust menu for color balance would be a great addition to the projector. I’d also be curious to see if it’s possible to create color profiles for each input?

Adjusting color and brightness would be awesome!

And obviously this adjustment should also work for HDMI input…

Agreed. Colors are way too cool on my projector. It would be nice to be able to adjust shadows and highlights as well.

Yes it will work for all inputs.

Great, thanks for the clarification.

I believe this will help a lot when projecting on color wall. For example a green wall would make the image greener than it should be, right? So such feature will help a lot having in mind a lot of users will project on walls, shades and other flat surfaces that not always are going to be white.

Existing calibrations in 1.0.24 include brightness, contrast, and saturation adjustments from 0 to 100. Each works as you would expect, but not perfectly. For example, increasing brightness and decreasing contrast to 70 each produced washed out blacks, but “almost black” parts of the original video image were not boosted as much, making everything look very alien. So I went back to stock 50/50/50 on each and things look normal, but with some loss of detail on very dark scenes.

I would really like to have a Photoshop style RGB gradient adjust, where you create Bézier curve adjustments for the entire range of each color channel. This would let me get a bit more contrast into the darker areas without blowing out the bright scenes. Or it would also help to correct the color on not exactly white walls. Probably a lot to ask for a unit of this price point, let alone of the image processing electronics in the PPM to apply this in real time, but I can certainly dream lol.

The picture you use for us to look at is not sufficient. Its muted colours does not allow for us to know how it affects blacks or colours. When I adjust it, then go to watch something, which usually is more colourful or has more blacks, the picture looks worse.

It would be nice to be able to click on the menu button within what we’re viewing to adjust the picture for the source we are looking at or watching.

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Yes you’re right, and I would have wanted to include comprehensive colour management. The problem with a curve-based gamma is that the hardware we are using needs these curves to be burnt into the chip. It’s not possible (or at least not possible conveniently) to modify the hardware LUTs.

Nevertheless, we were able to perform average calibration for RGB gains via led supply current (through software). This improves the situation a lot. I’m also investigating built in color calibration features of the DMD itself, whether this could be tuned by software or not.

The new colour adjustment app includes 15-20 much better images (many of them are what we use internally). It includes images to check near-white, near-black, red green blue channels, clarity, full dynamic range etc etc. Also included are common test patterns.

This app will be available to beta testers shortly, and to everyone else in the next SW update.

Also the systems team is checking what options we have to show the UI on top of whatever is being displayed. (Though since external inputs are bypassing the android layer, the UI will only overlay on top of internally playing content).

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This is making me want to be a beta tester. Looking forward to the new colour adjustment app!.

Hey @Philips_Support_P, I understand there’s been a delay in the release of the next update due to the situation in China but would you have an idea as to when you might be thinking of releasing it?

Yes in 10 days or so, assuming our china team can come online this week.

They’re preparing an internal SW update from home now, but since it’s a service update without new features we might only release it to beta list first.

The color adjustment app will be released to beta list probably today.

@Philips_Support_P Do we have “looks” feature still planned in some upcoming release since adaptive temperature control is in place now?

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Yes, of course.


Is it possible to add a Full HD test pattern to the Wallpapers.

With a test pattern it’s easier to accurately adjust the brightness, contrast, color and sharpness.
Now you cannot accurately adjust the “color adjustment” with the available wallpapers.

In the current situation to adjust the picture settings for different kind of light conditions,
I rename a test pattern to “a_bg.png” and adjust the picture settings.
The problem is that everytime I restart the projector, it gets replaced with the original wallpaper.

Situation now:
Select "color adjustment"

If I can choose a test pattern as wallpaper.


We already have such an app, it’s just not publicly available yet.