Software Update v1.1.0 is available now

Just one question…
I’m in List 3, so probably I’ll receive the projector at the end of this month or in the first half of june… The download part in your text will be valid for long time or corrected before I’ll receive the PPMax?

Does anyone know why the “color moods/presets” switch that apparently has been in beta since February or so and lets you choose your own color temperature (like the “movie”, “vivid”, “natural” etc. settings on tvs if I understood it right from the forums) still isn’t public? Or has that been scrapped? I used the beta tester registration form when my PPM arrived in early April, but never got any reply or activation for the beta subforum and download sections. Would have loved to test that.

I’m okay with the colors in general, but still find them to be a hint of too greenish, especially the whites, so such a color mood switch would come in handy.


I feel the same with the colors. Out of the box they are to cold. Try to make them warmer destroys some color - like the green. So direct white balance settings (or modes) would be really appreciated…


I’m a bit at a loss as to which switch / app you mean, can you share a link with me to where you saw this?

Are all the screensavers still the same?or have you added more? & on the new launcher on the main screen the icons on the right hand side does it give you the option to move or hide them or do they only show when you click on settings?

See here: Ability to fine-tune colour settings, especially @PhilipsEngineering’s post here: Ability to fine-tune colour settings

That color management app hasn’t been publicly released yet. Maybe they gave up on it? He already mentioned on January 16: “An app to fine-tune the colour is being released to beta testers and will soon be available […]”, too.

I’m really not sure why this doesn’t seem to be a priority anymore (and doesn’t seem to actually ever have been released) as these are main basic settings and users should easily be able to tweak them if they want to.

In any case, I’ve been eagerly waiting for it since then and always been disappointed when it once again didn’t show up in the new FW’s changelogs.

Ah, okay, that one.

If you filled the beta application form, @PhilipsEngineering will find it and add you to the beta group, at which point you can get this app.

Update downloaded. Noise level much much better now. Power safe mode is almost silent! Very nice! :+1::+1: Next update on color adjustments and Pico Pix Max will be 5/5.


I get an error, “Not a valid update package!” when i update.
What’s happening?

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Extremely impressed with the update.

Very noticeable GPU performance improvement. All apps including Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and Prime Video will play smoothly with no issues with judder or stuttering.

60fps videos that were once unplayable will now play smoothly as intended.

UI is fluid as well. Congrats on the developers that are making this happen. Thank you!



thx, its solved after a few times trying.

Wow. The reduction in fan noise is remarkable :smiley:


Wow the fan noise is down for sure , by so much that it’s scary, haven’t had the chance to test and monitor it for long will do that tonight, but it appears the fan is not even on, had a quick measure with the decibel reader on the Apple Watch and all 3 modes are the same at around 37 decibels, is this normal? my room temperature is about 16-17 so maybe the temperature is not considered high enough for the fan to kick in yet? I hope that’s the case will run it for longer tonight to see


This was a remarkable update! Thanks! So far, the only slight negative experience with the projector had been the fan noise, so this update made the viewing experience a lot better.


Sorry quick question, didnt see it in the list, so just asking.

Which version update for manual keystone configuration in HDMI mode and USB C.
I did read somewhere v1.1.xx

When you switch between modes the fan takes a few seconds to adapt.


This one, 1.1.0, already allows manual vertical keystone adjustment which carries over to all sources internal or external.

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I have no idea how @PhilipsEngineering but this team made an already incredible product even more so. Thank you to all the staff I (and for sure loads of other people ) am impressed and grateful.


I update to new firmware offline but the bulb is very dim and no picture at all

What should i do ??