Battery appeared to expand

same symptom I don’t understand why the quality is so bad, I don’t know how to solve the problem.

Hello, please immediately contact to get a replacement.

@Philips_Support_T your attention needed.

Hi. Is there a way to remove the battery and plug the power cable directly to the main conduit.

I usually use the projector at home at a fixed location. So I don’t need the battery most of the time.

Please show us how to do this. Especially if warranty already passed. Thanks

they should have made a similar bypass that stops charge when around 80% but batteries always drops alittle charge then it will automatic starts charge again when drop 1%

is there any app that can monitor the battery health? from apk store?

Hi, the battery pack is bloated, causing the casing to swell. It is very unsafe to use. How can i request for a repair?

That is serious bloating of the battery. Contact Phillips immediately for service.

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Dear community user,

Thank you for sharing this situation, we are sorry to see that you are experiencing this hardware complication with your model.

Please do reach out to our customer service channel at the address below and we will make sure to follow up with taking care of the situation.

Warm regards,

Philips projection CS team

My unit’s battery just bloated. I just send an email as mentioned by @Philips_Support_T. My request ID is 46409.

We have enjoyed a lot with this projector and now we have to stop using it for safety reasons :frowning:

Thank you for passing this on to us.

We are sorry that you are facing this issue and will be contacting you via that ticket reference to make sure we get the assessment quick started and proceed with a solution as quickly as possible.

Kind Regards,

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@Philips_Support_T Please help me follow up regarding my replacement. Thank you.

@Philips_Support_P @Philips_Support_T @Philips_Support_N , any update regarding my replacement?

Thank you.

Just to report that my projector is growing too

I already received my unit replacement. I have some issue. My Disney+ has no sound. Do you have any procedure on how to solve this issue?

Thank you.

This issue was resolved already. You just change the bandwidth setting to the lowest. The video quality will not be affected.

The battery of my unit bloated almost a couple months ago. I contacted support on the 8th of April and filled the form and everything. I got a ticket ID (46866) that same day and since then I am waiting to have the projector picked up. How long do they usually take to do that?
PS: I am located in Germany.

Thanks for the replies in advance.

Elmer G.


You can remove the battery and still use the projector with cable.


I DONT recommend anyone to do this by your own. ( if you have a warranty )

and if you are not a little bit handy.

Both you and the projector may get damaged if your not careful.

The most importantat part is to be careful when handeling the battery.

It may be more bloated/swollen then mine.

And risk of acid and so on.

Would recommend using both protective gloves and glasses. Proberbly best for full face protection.

It maby high unlikley that i would happen when its cold down. But its for your own protection.

Either way you shouldt use the projector AT ALL when the battery is bloated/swollen because of fire and explosion risk.

In my case ive bougth it from a guy and dont have any warranty or paper to it, for what i know.

And i took a chance fixing it myself without waiting a long time for replacment or buying a new one.

And also because of the fire and maby explosion risk. I use it daily in my bedroom, and sometimes fall asleep from it so i didnt feel safe using it.

You proberbly need to buy a super mini screwdriver from a store or internet ( for like mobile phone screwdriver )

Turn the Max upside down and remove the 4 rubber plugs that covers the mini screws.



So after 2 years my battery is bloated too.
What now ? I need to remove it ?

Mine unit happen the same… Philips guys answer that the warranty expired two months ago, and they cannot send me any replacement batteries.
So now my PPX620 has become a piece of junk, crazy !!!

Please friends, any suggestions?!?