Battery (?) Problem - How to test?


Right after the update to the newest Beta (with that awesome adaptive fan control!) I had approx 62% battery status with approx 1 hour 42 minutes capacity in normal mode.

Then the PPM suddenly went off and cant be turned on again (Pretty sure when I connect the PSU it will boot).

Any advice if I can check the battery hardware health etc?

P.S. My PPM “never” (?) got more than approx 72% battery capacity, even when it is connect constantly to the PSU

Please charge it overnight, then try again! It does sound like it ran out of battery somehow. Also the fact that it doesn’t seem to charge beyond 72% is worrying.

Now after more than ten hours connected to the (original) PSU (and USB-C Cable) the battery status is at 82% with ~ 1 hr 43 min remaining. Is that a normal cyclus? How long does a full battery load take usually? Thanks!

“5 hr 5 min remaining” @ 76%

“4 hr 36 min remaining” @ 73%

Just saw this with matches to my LEDs while charging (with original equipment):

“* Do you see red/blue flashing LED on plugging in the charger? This means the power adapter you’ve connected is not supported. Please use the supplied power adapter.”

From: Troubleshooting: Projector won't power on / no picture display / shuts down soon after starting

“2 hr 23 min remaining” @ 70%

Interesting: After repluging the PSU and the USB-C cable the LED status during charging is now constantly red.

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… and again its changing between blue and Red blinking…

You might have a defective power supply / power plug / usb cable.

Can you swap it out with another usb-c cable or a charger if you have one?

Just tested it with an USB-C Cable from a Google Pixel 3 (Red/Blue blinking) and afterwards the 5V PSU (No LEDs at all due to to low power)

I dont have a stronger USB-C PSU at hand

Whats next, should I contact the Support Staff?

Thanks again for your help!

@SchmuFoo yes you should contact support to get a replacement power adapter and cable first. Only send in your projector if that doesn’t solve the problem. You can also purchase any inexpensive 60W power adapter, which will charge the projector when off, at reduced 45W power since most of them can’t supply 4A current.

Also, if I remember correctly you have a 2nd PPX coming up, you can also try with that power adapter.

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Thanks I have contacted them and also ordered a cheap PSU:

My second and third PPM will be delivered very late I think, with them I was Backer:

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October 13, 2019

Same Red/Blue LED blinking (when PPM is off) with this (60W) Third-Party PSU

I think it’s a defective charging chip. I think you should get it replaced.

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I have updated the Ticket, Thanks.

Is it still safe to use the PPM and leave it unattended? Also because of the new Bugs I have inserted at:

No response from the support yet; Ticket 18763

Since the Launcher 1.4 Alphas I got 100% remaining displayed, but:

When I “nowadays” remove the USB-C Powercable the PPM shuts down immediately :frowning:

Still no initial feedback

is there a power adaptor that powers the ppm and charge battery same time?

and it safe ?

The one it comes with doesn’t do that in your opinion?