Control PPMax with a dedicated App

Has anyone attempted to use software to remote control the projector to make it easier to navigate certain aspects of things?

What software did you use? How has your experience been?


I’ve got the previous picopix and android app - so so different…

There were a few quirks, but the navigation and overall usability were awesome…

“Philips” should have taken a good look at Sagems version - improve on that rather than just start from scratch (Ideas wise).

The android app was great - worked over WiFi.

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@PhilipsPrashant If it possible to lunch mobile app to connect with PPM with following feature (work as remote)

  1. moving cursor
  2. keyboard input
  3. other function like volume, etc…
  4. replacement if airmote is lost or not function
  5. customize buttons (shortcut) like auto focus, keystone etc

Could you make vote for it

I was wishing for something like this yesterday as well while I was setting up the projector. Would love to have something like this, though I’m sure developing such an app would not be a small undertaking.

Hi @Dedohamdy @smartygus you can use any Bluetooth remote / mouse / keyboard with the PicoPix Max. As far as I know Android 9 and above let you use your phone as a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse. This should work fine the PicoPix Max too.


@Dedohamdy & @smartygus

If you read this whole thread, you’ll see that :

  • it exists already a Philips’ app (findable on iOS App Store, for exemple), but it doesn’t work with PPM (it is for older Philips videoprojectors, when it wasn’t Screeneo which built these equipments for Philips) ;
  • it’s in the Philips/Screeneo’s roadmap to build such an app in some months (see here : Control PPMax with a dedicated App ) ;
  • During this time, you can use as @PhilipsEngineering just said physical equipments as keyboards, mouses, trackballs, trackpads, combo, etc… in bluetooth or with a dongle plugged in the USB-A slot.

Perhaps someone who already has their PPM and has an Android device could check this out?

Any same app for andriod ?

Currently, there is no such app for the PPM, neither for iOS nor Android. Prashant has said earlier in this thread that they plan on creating such an app later.


With Kodi 18.6 or VLC, plus and KDE connect app installed on both PPM and phone, media controls, volume control, automatic pause on phone call, etc works great. Sending b text from n phone to PPM also works if you select the KDE Connect keyboard in hidden settings. I still have been unable to get the PPM to accept mouse input through KDE Connect, though, but it’s technically possible.

@PhilipsEngineering , if you are making a new app to control the PPM, you should use the API’s and methods already implemented in KDEConnect as your starting point, preserve compatibility, etc!

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I’ve been using this:

It works great,even has a button I sorely miss, to allow me to view all open appsand close those I don’t want to keep open on the PPX.

from quick google search I did not found if it’s possible to implement KDE Connect as host on Android but I’m all in for using existing solutions or APIs if possible.

This is kind of example of using existing solution I mentioned above but:

  • it needs internet connection as far as I remember
  • I have bit of antipathy against Teamviewer due to their licensing/pricing policy (but of course that’s my own “problem” :slight_smile: ) - but I see this as another con point for Teamviewer as it’s could not be used when PPM is bought by company etc. as it’s only free for personal use
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Hope the internal software is complete.

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for me it is not working… my phone is connected with ppx and the app shows that ppx is connected but I can not control it

Just found about scrcpy-android - looks promising

Not sure when I’ll get to testing it so I’ll be thankful if anyone post their results :slight_smile:

I’ve used scrcpy between my Arch Linux laptop and my Android phone. Wireless connection for scrcpy seems to require wired connection first for each session, due to adb bridge security. Or has that changed since last I looked?

KDE Connect on my phone controls play / pause / next /volume when the PPM is playing Kodi, VLC , and I think prime video (the only apps I use regularly). Sending key strokes works from Android to Android if KDE Connect Keyboard is selected on the receiver, but doesn’t seem to work on the PPM for some reason. Remote mouse function does not work on PPM at all, and I haven’t seen it work on Android to Android elsewhere yet either. However, it all works from laptops to Android and vice versa, which means it shouldn’t be too hard or far to get it all 100% functional on the PPM…

I found today a amazing thing. You can connect the Philips airmote to your android Smartphone :smiley:

And @PhilipsEngineering

If you can procide us the IR Code for the powerbutton and the bluetooth buttons maby android users can use it with tasker. This will be less comolex than creating a app.

In the app anymote (availible in ios and android) its possible to learn every IR signals from remotes but the airmote doesnt send anything. There is a possibility that you can share a wifi or bluetooth remotes too. Maby 1 Ingenieur has a lonley corona day and suprises us there ^^

And ehhh the 2-3 months are over :stuck_out_tongue: