Delivery / non delivery

I had a notification that DHL China had received the parcel, with the Pico Pix Max on the 10 April. I have received nothing except a tracking number that says it was computer generated by Philips. I have emailed BackKit who have transferred me to Screeneo - total silence. In utter frustration, I spoke to DHL today (I know one of the EU Board Directors). As far as DHL are concerned, the item has been lost or never hades over by the Philips factory in China. I emailed with these details to Screeneo & Backerkit asking for a replacement to be sent and a tracking n°. Absolute silence. So/ what is really going on? Why don’t they reply to emails?

I have waited a month for an item to be sent from Shenzhen/Hong Kong to Singapore and there are plenty of allegations and pointing of fingers here at the courier companies. And it took them 3 months to arrange for the faulty unit they first sent to be picked up.

This is not Philips. It’s a small outfit that licensed the brand from Philips.

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The Philips has an obligation as Licensee. 2 Philips UK Directors live close to me (I am about 12 miles from their UK HQ in Guildford. If I don’t get a satisfactory reply to my emails, by Tuesday, then I shall be knocking on their home doors.

It isn’t DHL’s problem / so their finger pointing is unfounded. Do you know anyone that has received one of the units?

Hi @Tim. There are people who are reporting that they’ve received their units on another thread in this forum.

The company and their associated moderators have publicly stated on this forum that getting in touch with Philips doesn’t do anything.

If you’re not getting satisfactory results then complaining to the CEO IS going to get your point across - it should be a last ditch effort when you’ve explored all other options mind.

If you don’t, then as far as Philips is concerned, all is well and there is no need to intervene as they are falsely under the impression there brand is protected through the negotiated licence and that Screeno are doing an amazing job.

I am 1 of over 1500+ employees in a mix of 20+ orgs. and if a client complains to our CEO, I can assure you we get to know about it, and changes are made rapidly!

If clients don’t feedback when something is going sideways regularly (i don’t mean random nitshit, I mean regular and constant issues) NOTHING will happen.

Welcome to the corporate world of arse covering, bullshitting, huge egos and hidden agendas… or life :joy:


Thanks everyone… no one likes their brand soiled… I tend to be pro-active and, luckily, have 2 main Board Philips UK Directors living close. It’s worked before… The problem is total lack of CRM by Screeneo. Anyone done research on Screeneo?

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I think the problem goes way beyond CRM.

Screeneo is a Swiss unit of Power Data. Summary company info is at

Brand licensing was announced in one of those self issued media releases

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Already tried that. No change.

Not strictly true, they have brought in some new people and communication seems to be improving. The big failure at the moment is not publishing a clear schedule for the entire backlog so people don’t have to keep asking when their unit will ship.

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I see that two of my posts have been removed by the Moderator but I can’t access to sort out. One of them was the contact details of the Philips Directors who are responsible for the Licensing… I wish the Moderator would actually answer our questions [1] Where is the produce that has supposedly been shipped (with a tracking number) by DHL; and [2] Why won’t Customer Services or Support reply to any email? Over to you Moderator to reply.


Same with me! I wait and wait and wait …

I think if you have a look at the relevant thread (General info about shipment and manufacturing) or the overview banner on the top of the page (under Delays in tracking explained) you’ll find your main question regarding the tracking number answered.
Don’t know why they haven’t replied to your emails, but in general this information is quite freely available here on the forum (and luckily @IvoGrijt updates the banner, so you don’t have to follow the long thread).

I won’t comment on the rest of this thread, I just noticed that there was not much content here on the actual question.

I’m not sure that’s the thread you wanted to link… :slight_smile:


Haha, indeed, thanks, fixed now.

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Wonder if I can get a refund if I continuously write to Philips CEO. The other guy who kept trolling the mods managed to get a refund.
I’ve completely stopped caring about the product itself and would love to get my money back. So tired of waiting.


Hi Tim,
I also received a DHL tracking number on April 10th, but no news since then…

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15 april 2020: shipment information received… Nothing since… :frowning:
Are you kidding me? what is happening?

I seem to be in better shape…my unit has, apparently, arrived in the DHL (Delivered Here Late or Drop it Hit it Lost it) depot in the U.K… let’s wait and see…

I still have no new update on the DHL shipment since April 23.
DHL says “Shipment information received HONG KONG - HONG KONG”