Disney+ not working

Will try that, thanks.

I can’t get the Disney app to work on my ppx. I uninstalled the version I had and downloaded the newest version.
Something is wrong with my “user identification”. How do I fix that?

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Hello, please uninstall the app you have and only use the Disney+ app we have in our MORE APP section on the top left of the Home Screen

But there are no apps to be found in “more apps”??

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Same problem, and no apps on “more apps”
Since the beginning there isn’t any apps there ^^

OK please download this new launcher and install it manually from a USB stick. Then reboot, apps should appear :slight_smile: https://s3.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/public-files.philipsprojection.com/app_updates/PPX620/com.screeneo.app.Launcher-2023082901.apk

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Perfect, working fine now ! Thx Philips_Support_N

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Can you kindly update the launcher with a new compatible version ?

How many days occurs between new Disney release and Launcher update ?


Issue is back again, when launching the app, it says a new version is available but it is not possible to update: “An error occurred. Please try again.”

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Hello, please update the app, we’ve launched a new update last week for Disney+

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Hello @Superalbix we have updated the app. Could you please try again?

Hi there, many thanks! APP updated and working as usual


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Disney+ is not working again. I’ve updated it recently following a fix in a Sept 2023 topic but it is acting up again.

Will this be a recurring issue? And does anyone have a fix this time?

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Hi, I’m trying to use this link but its dead, I would like to be able to install Disney+ but I can’t make it work. Thank you.

Hello, Disney+ requests an update that doesn’t exist. Is there a solution coming? On the support on facebook they told me to reinstall the TV’s software with a USB which I’ve done but it didn’t solve the problem. This has been going for months already.

I deleted and updated the app and its not working. Could you please find a quick fix for Disney+ again? Thanks

Hello, can you tell us which version you have exactly ? You can check it by going on the Disney+ logo, press the /// on the remote control and a side panel will open with the version number

I have version 2.25.2-rc3

Disney plus

also not working


So, what’s up?

Hello, please contact us by Facebook Messenger so we can help you. On Our side it is working. For Apple TV: we are trying to check for a solution but seems Apple is not supporting anymore Android 9. For SVT: we don’t use this app. For HBO: are you using HBO Max or the new MAX app ?

I uninstalled all the mentioned apps and now they work.

I hope this is not a regular thing. I had to do this with every app update since the new installer.