Has anybody with a defective unit waiting to ship received an answer from Philips?

Hi @PhilipsIvo
My faulty unit was delivered in Hong Kong on September 18th, so I am not impatient yet - just hoping I will not have to wait for months to get the replacement unit.
I never heard from Phillips that they received the defective unit, but DHL confirmed that it was delivered.
Any idea when I should expect to receive it?

We sent your shipping information to our forwarder in HK, you should be getting a new tracking number in the next days.

Thanks @PhilipsSteve
Fingers crossed :smiley:

Is there any reason why Philips wont answer my queries? Is it just they are run off their feet. I keep getting told it is shipped but it never arrives. Is there a number you can call to speak to a real person?

Hello support ! Please help to look into ticket #29807! It’s been a month since I filled the Google form and no reply since than, please help!!!

Hello Philips team, @PhilipsSteve @PhilipsIvo
Hello Philips team,

I sent my replacement unit thru DHL (Waybill 2025567622), and it was delivered about 2 weeks ago, but I still have not heard any confirmation from you besides the DHL notification.
Can I please get an update from your side?

The unit was sent back due to blue/red lights charging issues.
Ticket number 28894,
PPM SN: QS2020P620B01517
Backer ID: 20652

Thanks in advance.

Hi Peter,
We looked into your shipment. It does seem there was a problem, and we need to resend.
However, we don’t have Australian adapters here, so we are sending you a Max with European charger and are asking our colleagues in China to send you an Aussie adapter.

Hello Fernando,

Yes, we received your unit and we sent instructions to our forwarder to resend you a new unit.

We sent the new instructions last week, but there is a long holiday in China right now, and our forwarder is back at work as of tomorrow. You should receive a tracking number for your replacement unit in the next 7-8 days.



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Thanks Steve, I really appreciate the reply and thank you for looking into.

That’s fine to send as I can use an adaptor in the interim.

Thanks for following up Steve. It is appreciated.

Hi @PhilipsSteve
Still heard nothing - I would have expected some sort of responce by now?

They are never the fastest. And there was a week holiday that ended today…

Hi @PhilipsSteve please help to look into ticket #29807, it’s been a month without response,thanks.

Hello there, here is my ticket number 29595.
I have been already waiting for weeks for the replacement, but no actions from your end. Could you pls kindly and urgently advise? Looking forward to hearing from you soon, thx in advance, regards

Hello @PhilipsSteve it seems like you are ignoring my message. I don’t get it. My ticket #29807 has been opened for a month now and you are still ignoring me…Very nice move

Hello Chau,

I don’t have access to Zendesk, this is @PhilipsIvo responsibility. We have already asked him to look into your problem a few times, but he is busy on a lot of things.

We have told him several times to deal with your issue, and if you want to put on pressure, you need to write to him.



Hello Steve,

I got the notification of a new shipment from backer kit, but the tracking number seems to be wrong, it has been already been more than 2 days, but the tracking number just gives an error.
Could you please check?



Hello @PhilipsIvo @PhilipsSteve,

Thanks for the reply and I got my shipping label last Friday. However DHL on hold my shipment as they require MSDS for the battery . I’ve send email to support but do not receive any reply. Can you guys advise what should do next?

20-Oct : Parcel picked up by DHL
21-Oct: DHL on-hold my shipment and ask for MSDS for the battery. I send email to screeneo support but no answer.
22-Oct: DHL inform to return my parcel to me if I do not submit MSDS before 5pm, due to the fact that shipping label will be expired by 22-Oct.

Ticket #29807

Hello @PhilipsSteve

I got the notification of a new shipment from backer kit, but the tracking number seems to be wrong, it has been already been more than 10 days, but the tracking number just gives an error.
Could you please check and update me with the right tracking details?