How much humidity can the PicoPix Max stand?

I’d be interested to know whether the projector can be used in humid environments. Is this something that has been measured for this device specifically? Or are there any standard limits that we should assume apply to any device like this?

I’m wondering if it can be used in a bathroom with a big white wall (while obviously protecting from splashes).


Hi @ewanyork it’s tested up to standard 80% relative humidity. We don’t recommend using it in a damp environment like a bathroom! Occasional usage is OK, but definitely not continuously.

Hmm… Srsly? When I asked about the same in indiegogo site earlier, I received another answer.

Philips told me: “lol yes keep it in a rice box. That’s true that the humidity is killing electronic faster. We cannot deny this. We are always making humidity test up to 95% for several hours. No issue.”

@Philips_Support_P Fair enough - I have been warned!

That’s really useful to know, though; many thanks for your quick reply :+1:

It will work even at 100% humidity (i.e. the case when it’s raining outside). It won’t kill the projector, but there’s a difference between using it for several hours every once in a while, and officially specifying it’s designed for it!

As an example, in our office it’s 88% humidity this week and we’ve been using PicoPix no problem.


How about the temperature limits? Most likely I will not take the PPM to sauna (80°C) but how about nice winter temperature, like -10°C

Official spec 10° to 35°C.
At low temperatures, battery life may be shorter.
At higher temperatures, the fans may not be able to cool sufficiently.

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Understood. This is the advantage of a forum like this to discuss! Huge thanks again.

Tell more about “Official spec” to Sergey here Shipping to Thailand .

Already discussed this. I don’t think it’s normal that the projector shuts down at >26°C. We use it at higher temps all the time, including our China lab. Something seems to be wrong with the projector. I specially find it strange that 1 or 2° difference in room temperature can have such an effect. More detailed diagnosis is needed. So far we have not heard of this from anyone else.

Any easy way to get the readings off of all available sensors inside (as an installable diagnostics apk perhaps)?

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We are paralyzed because the systems team is in China…

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