Returned 2 Sender

**Contribution ID 20185
**Contribution Date January 8, 2020

**Shipping Information Géo Blondé

Calle Las Americas, 22

San ROQUE (Torreguadiaro), 11312 Spain

Hi, @PhilipsIvo

Please confirm what happened to the shipping…

As the package has returned to the shipper, you guys sent me an email (at and I asked for the resending of the pico projector. It was end of August, but there has been no update since then.

If the projector has been sent, please give me a tracking number.

Indiegogo contribution ID is 20130.

The address info is as follows:


103 DONG, 316 HO

SEOUL, 07236

Korea (Republic of)

Please, I contributed more than a year ago on 4 october 2019!! . My number is 14382. Dhl says in their site it is delivered in Germany! But I live in Spain and didn’t recive anything. I calld them and they say they returned to sender. Same adress yet. Paid taxes and shipment. I prefer refund. I don’t understant what is taking sooo much. I need the refund

I don’t find that “Message” button to PM

#Returned2Sender - ryneilson

@PhilipsIvo I’ve sent multiple PMs with no response. Can someone please tell me what is going on with my package? All the information is below:

package tracking: CB796014436DE
indiegogo contr. ID: 21031
Backerkit ID; Picopix Pledge #: 16877422
Pledge date: 29 February 2020

Address (should be the same):
Via della Farnesina, 52
Scala G, Int. 7
00135 Roma

mobile number (should be the same):
+39 342 925 3827 or +39 351 926 0926

Wow is all I can say… Look at this total mess. Hundreds ordered a year ago with no response from support. I honestly dispare, I don’t know what to say… Don’t know about anyone else but I’ve reached my tether

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Still no update, Indiegogo Reference 8361. Can someone please tell me when I will receive the projector or issue a refund.

Stephen, we added you to the list we will send next week from Switzerland

Hello, we already answered you :slight_smile:

@PhilipsNono, @PhilipsIvo, @PhilipsSteve, @PhilipsNate

Instead of individual answers and lack of transparency, it would be very helpful, if you could give a general update on what is going on.
The last response I’ve received was on the 22nd of August asking me to update my data in my ticket.
Which I did. But no response ever since. No tracking link no nothing.

I understand that you have a lot on your plate, but that does not excuse a company like Philips to drop the ball like this.
I am seriously considering a class action and involving consumer protection in Germany since as of now, I have NO clue if I ever will receive the product I paid over a year ago.