Shipping to Canada

Any update on when you will be shipping to Canada?

Not sure if all regions, but me and some other few people in Ontario have already received. Depending on your contribution number you might be receiving yours some time after Chinese New year

Thanks! I’m in Ontario as well, I must me a later contribution number.

I’m in Ontario as well - # 17XXX and have not received it. I would love to get an idea on where we are in the cue as I’m considering canceling it as I need it for something by March (and it was a Xmas gift which was kind of disappointing)…

Can those that have received it in Canada give us an idea of where they are in the Contribution #? This would help me decide what to do.

I am #16XXX in Victoria, BC and no indication of shipping as of yet!

14XXX in Nova Scotia, no projector yet or any emails

From other threads on here and on Facebook o believe someone in the 8k from Canada have recieved.

You won’t hear anything till after the 10th as factory is closed for CNY. Right now I haven’t seen any delays posted related to the virus.

Can I get a progress on my order. I need to know what is going on. Are you just using our money to invest other product rather than delivering our item?

Contribution ID


Contribution Date

September 24, 2019

Contribution #26XX
Received Dec 29. Toronto.

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They they update your bakerkit prior to receiving it?

Im in BC and i’ve had my PPM since early January

I’m in PEI. Contributed last October. ID16816
No sign of anything yet. I thought they said there was a spot to see if yours had been shipped based on your order ID but I can’t find that. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks

The list you refer to is the first item in the summary thread (here). It can also be found in the banner on the top of every page, unless you have removed the banner.

If you want to follow the progress but not read every message on the forum, that summary thread is the place to go to.

Thank you for the quick response. I unfortunately don’t see my backer of number on any list. Oh well hopefully soon🤞
Indiegogo 16816
Backerit :15583784

Apparently Canada is on a hot list right now where delivery cost is way higher than expected and Philips is trying to find a reduced cost first before shipping! Looks like we’ll have to wait until they find a solution. I’m backer 13140 (backerkit 15586429) from Montréal!


Any update on shipping?

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@PhilipsNono any update on shipping to Canada. As someone stated earlier I think we were in a hot list due to cost, has an alternative been found?

Just looking for an update to see if we can expect to be included again soon or are still waiting.

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Philips just released an updated shipping list of backerkit ID’s, any Canadian’s in it? I was not, BC 16,XXX

Got a link? Can’t find what your talking about

He’s talking about How to find your Backerkit ID
Where you’ll always find the latest lists.