Shipping to Switzerland

Dear PicoPix Max team,

Would it be possible to get a clarification wether Switzerland will be included in the dispatch of EU units, given the geographical position inside EU or not ?
I won’t ask specifically for my perk as I understand this is difficult for you to give any estimate given the situation.

Thank you in advance.


Is there a schedule for Switzerland or can it be said when I can expect delivery with backer number 129xx?

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Add me to the curious. No details needed, I’d just like to know where we fall in this scenario. With EU? Separate batch? Thanks!

Asked exactly this question on 9th of jan via email. Got the following answer:

yes it will be shipped at the same time.


Well, at this point we’ve coaxed out of them that we are no longer part of Europe and get a separate deal. Guess they’ll be doing the math wheather it’s cheaper to send us our own batch or ship it via Germany some other time. Could be to our advantage if we get a separate batch, or to our disadvantage if we join the ranks of the vocal customer minorities in AUS, OZ, South America and Russia :rofl:

Doesn’t really matter to me in the end. Would be super happy to receive it sooner than later but more important to me is a fully functional product. Waited for a couple of months now - so another couple of weeks don’t make any real difference (to me).

Dear Phillips/Screeneo team,
Need to know when it’s gonna be shipped to Switzerland.
My ID 6713.
Thanks a lot.
Best regards

Of course as usual they said yes yes to everything and in the end it’s not true. I think no one in Switzerland posted anything about receiving a tracking number so far, let alone receiving a unit. We are not waiting for the production, we are waiting for them to ship. So it’s not going to be more functional. the other countries are receiving tons of units- looks like they just don’t know how to send it here. Unbelievable.
Seeing how they don’t support their licensing companies, I will never buy any Philips product again after this campaign. They have zero shared domain knowledge on any topic. I’d prefer to buy an up and coming Chinese brand, at least they would be eager to improve their brand.

So true and yes - Chinese stuff is getting closer to what I am looking for in many aspects

Backerkit now says: “Your order has shipped”
Destination: Switzerland
Where can I find a tracking number?

My bakerkit still shows address locked…no update…desperate I am…

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Ooooh fancy! What was your contribution id?


I’m 5xxx and I don’t like you at the moment :roll_eyes:

Sorry about that one. But I am completely Innocent.

Of course you are. If it turns out to be true, it’s good for all of us. Shipments happening at all means they solved whatever was keeping them.

Haha sure you are :slight_smile: It’s just constantly piling up sorry mate.

It’s listed under track your package on the backerkit page

Any news about shipping to Switzerland?

They’re closed down in China over the New Year holidays, nothing to update. They’ve posted backers by region, and there’s over 400 of us here. That easily justifies its own batch shipment. I bet that’s what’ll happen.

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