Software Update v1.0.26 is available now

Hi guys,

our China (systems) team is coming back to office from today (about half of them)! Although the danger hasn’t passed yet… let’s wish for everyone’s well being.

Today we’ve made a quick software update with a couple of the most pressing issues that were possible to solve in a day, mostly focusing on keystone instability:

#10. Rename “Horizontal Correction” inside keystone settings to “Calibration”
#11. Don’t run automatic calibration when keystone is enabled
#23. Automatic keystone correction happens too often even when projector is not moving — this causes momentary stutter in playback.
#24. SD card is reformatted when doing factory reset

And a couple of improvements:

better thermal stability on battery, avoid unnecessary power off
better touchpad sensitivity specially multitouch (scrolling)

The team has a lot of work ahead. We plan to increase our update frequency to once per week.

The focus for the next (v1.0.27) is on these high priority issues:

#6. Internal android brightness/contrast settings are not the same as HDMI
#9. Text too small, Android UI should be scaled to 2x HiDPI
#31. Apps randomly return to home screen
[ ] #12. Manual keystone adjustment feature moved for later
#18. Netflix crashes when playing certain videos
#28. Kodi not using hardware acceleration

There are ~20 other issues but the above is the focus for next update. I will keep you all posted.

Note: this is only about the engineering office, not about production factories. We will provide more info about factory opening schedule as soon as we have it.


Awesome! Thanks for the update.
Hopefully, the workers there will be safe.
Please don’t rush the updates though. We know how software works. It may be small bug fix but it can impact at lot more things :smiley:

Thats awesome! Thanks @Philips_Support_P for the very informative update, looking forward to a regular update schedule!

Safety First! Update can wait!


Cool update, but safety is always the first priority!! Stay safe Philips Team!!

Thank you. Please do not rush to release the updates. I have been enjoying many movie nights with it and am quite happy as it is now. Thanks again.

Nice update, thanks! Commitment to 1 update per week is impressive, makes me hyped to receive the PPM as there will be increased focus on fixing bugs, optimization and adding features before I get my hands on it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for prioritizing this! Quality over HDMI is way better than with internal android, making Apps or AirPlay quite unusable.

What about more options to fine tune the image quality? (Gamma, Color Temp, Separate Color Channel)


You can solve it yourself right now: How to improve internal video picture quality?

In the near future but not immediately, because there are some critical bugs that must be solved first.

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This update v1.0.26 is now available to the public. The next v1.0.27 is round the corner.


Once it’s finished downloading it says ‘not a valid update package’

installation worked for me.

I don’t like to swear but this whole update system is a steaming pile of s… I can’t wait to get rid of it and replace it with something that actually works reliably :triumph:

Please try the download again.


Okay. I will try again in the morning. But, I want to say something I didn’t in my first post. Thank you. For all the work you and your colleagues are doing. I’ve used your pico projectors is extremely remote locations. Jungles and expeditions. They make life in those places bearable. Take your time and take a break.


Hi guys and thank you for the great work!
It’s there any way to request a software feature?
I’m constantly switching between work use where the picture is normal and bed mode, where the picture is upside down. I would love it if there was a checkbox for “automatic ceiling flip” or something so when the projector is upside down, the picture is automatically flipped. I believe there is something in the projector hardware that can detect orientation?
Or make a special remote key combo that toggles image mode?

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Yes, you can post the feature request in the section called Feature Suggestions where we can vote on the suggestions and the development team can gauge the interest for new features.

Or perhaps a moderator can split this post off to that section?

I’ll post in there

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@Philips_Support_P Can you give as an rough estimation, when the previous for 1.0.26 planed features will be released?

See old announcement:

I tried the normal download many times with the same error each time. But the offline update worked fine. So I suggest anyone having issues try that option first.

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