Sonos integration


Will we get any Sonos integration?
Was mentioned earlier in a comment from Philips:
“Sonos to come in Jan-Feb 2020”

Understand that busy, but are still wondering if this is on to-do list.

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I think it will be there one day. But obviously not a priority right now;)

Well … Stating from the UPDATES … it will be not very useful. On HDMI and USB-c you can’t have audio over BT… only with inside contents …

I’m only interested in that it works with internal apps (neither HDMI nor USB-C is needed for my part) I’ill run directly via Kodi.

For me this is essential. I already talked to Plex - at first I thought Plex app can cast to Sonos. Turns out only music files and not video. Then I wrote to Frontierapps for their app Sonosvideo - it needs to be activated through Google play services and as we all know PPM doesn’t have it. Still have no answer so I guess that won’t be possible. My main concern is that even if PPM gets that integration with the lack of option to delay video there will be some lag between video and audio. Every single app that I have tried to cas audio of a video to Sonos has video delay feature to sync with the audio. And it is always needed because of the wireless protocols that Sonos are using. However I still hope that PPM will get proper Sonos support. That would make it one and only for Sonos users and Screeneo will be able to duplicate this feature to their other projectors and that would make their projectors main choice for Sonos users.

If you are using HDMI input you would be a lot better having HDMI splitter and have one of the HDMI cables directly to your soundbar, beam or base. That way you will have no sound lag and of course much more reliable connection.

This is very important for me, too. Thanks @vzhivkov for your tip with the HDMI splitter.

I guess that is not what you would like but what I’ve come up with some sort of workaround while waiting and praying for full Sonos support is to get an HDMI switch to plug into my Beam and on the second input I’ll have a Bluetooth reciever (optical out from reciever to optical-HDMI adapter of the Beam to the HDMI input 2 of the switch). That way when my TV is off the HDMI switch will go to input 2 and use the bluetooth reciever. That will give me at least a stereo sound wireless from PPM to my Sonos setup. Far not what Sonos can deliver but better than internal speaker of PPM :slight_smile:

sounds like a good option in the mean time. Indeed when a Sonos integration will be there, it will only work with internal content through Android

Yes. As I already said if you are using external content you would want to hook the same HDMI signal to Beam, Base, Soundbar or whatever you have there. If you are going to use it with a single Sonos speaker like One or something like that - you’d better get some good bluetooth speaker (like Sonos Move :wink: ) and get along with it.

P.S. @vmvschijndel , you haven’t voted for Sonos integration. Please vote if you want such - up left there is a blue button Vote.

Would be good to have this at some point.

it’s in the FAQ:-)
Don’t forget that Sonos is using Wi-Fi, not bluetooth

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I have not voted yet because i dont really need it;) But i just voted to help you guys:)

Almost true :slight_smile: Sonos Move does have bluetooth, that is why I gave it as example for a good bluetooth speaker.

As for what is in the FAQ - there is slight misleading there. PLEX cast audio only for audio files which is not very usefull for a projector, is it? As for the video files - Sonos casting is disabled.

There are other apps that can cast to Sonos but can not be activated because there is no Google play services on PPM - like Sonosvideo (I have mailed them asking for another way to activate it but no answer from them yet).

Other apps that can cast the Android audio require rooting of the device which we already know for PPM will not be possible because of DRM.

Plus Sonos support was promised in one of the official updates on IGG.

So @Philips_Support_N, should we understand your answer as to forget about Sonos integration from you and try to find other ways (I have searched and nothing can be used to cast audio to Sonos for video files even, don’t want to talk about apps like IPTV and games at all)???

hello, no, we are still checking to integrate it!


@Philips_Support_N , then I’ll be more than happy to be alpha or beta tester or even more if possible. Just have to get my PPM first :slight_smile: I would have tried to work on Sonos casting app myself but Sonos has such a though process to gain access to the API that I can’t even give it a try.

The text from the indiegogo site:

[quote] Is the PicoPix Max compatible with Sonos?
PicoPix Max is not yet compatible as Sonos uses special protocols. Several apps are already compatible like Spotify or Plex[/quote]

It would be great if this would be implemented so the audio from the internal apps is passed to sonos :+1:

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@iKriz , “video off the apps” ??? What do you mean by this?

Edited post should make sense now :blush:

Just to tell you (if you haven’t read my comment from above) that Plex does NOT cast to Sonos when playing or streaming video. Just to let you know in case you decide to use it because of Sonos cast.