System V1.2.1 beta now available for testing

Dear beta testers,

  • System software v1.2.0 is available for beta testing. 2020-11-08T23:00:00Z
  • System software V1.2.1 is available for beta testing. 2020-11-17T23:00:00Z

This is the Release Candidate, it will be released as-is by the end of the week barring any showstoppers.



  • Launcher V1.5.6 is already included.
  • New wallpapers replace all previous ones.
  • AirReciever (mirroring system) updated, now also includes Miracast. It should work better than the previous one that’s already included – both are enabled, we’ll remove the previous one at a later date.
  • 5-corner correction centre-point can now be adjusted more finely in 2% steps instead of 10%.


  • 5-corner correction: the ‘4-corner correction’ feature has gained an additional adjustment option for the center of the screen. Use this to correct for linearity distortion after you’ve adjusted the 4 corners. The graphic shown on the screen has been updated to help with this.

Note: when the 4 corners are all set to (0,0), the correction is disabled entirely (for performance reasons). This means the 5th point correction will have no effect unless you also adjust at least one of the 4 corners.

  • Manual keystone settings should now be remembered across restarts (bug fixed for the Nth time, hope there is no N+1th time).
  • New mouse pointer icon to match our other 2020 products.
  • Internal stability improvements


Download Link – rename to and follow the offline update process.


The link is asking for authentication…

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Sorry, link has been corrected.

Tip: don’t forget to turn off automatic-unzipping of downloads in your browser. You only need to rename this to but not unzip it.

It’s nice that 4 corner correction can now be use properly but it’s a bit disappointing that it adds another step instead of automatically adjusting the “5th corner”. Other projectors does that right? Any technical limitation?

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Hi all, V1.2.1 RC is available now (check updated post).

@kugiigi we want to offer the manual method first as it solves an immediate problem that’s been pending for a while.


Tested with:

I think I found a bug in the Timed Shutdown

Normally when you schedule a Timed Shutdown
you select half an hour, 1 hour, 3 hours or a Custom Setting.

After you select one, you see a countdown and you can use the projector and watch whatever you want.
The projector shuts down after the selected time.

The bug:
If I want to cancel a countdown I press End (3rd picture) and the countdown disappears.

My understanding is that I’ve ended the countdown and that the projector doesn’t shut down anymore.
But in the background it keeps counting down and shuts down the projector anyway after the selected time.



Well Now I can finally detect and cast from my Oculus Quest 2 to the picomax, not sure if others had success before, but I’m pretty happy now I don’t need to plug in a chrome cast any more


Thanks for the bug report! We added it to the 1.2.2 list, will be checked and fixed asap.

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After installing 1.2.1 my device became unusable. It freezes and not responding at all. I did a hard reset but the problem still exists. The only way to get it works is unplug the charger. Anybody has such a problem?
Is there a way to downgrade?

The Factory reset didn’t work?
You could try the Cable restore procedure to go back to v1.1.03

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I went back to 1.0.3 and it works fine.
Thanks for rhe quick support. :slightly_smiling_face:


I did today the update again and it seems to be fine.
Probably something went wrong the first time with the update.


No official forum post for the new update?
Also, it seems that there are couple of cases where the update breaks their device.