INFO: How to do offline software update?

If you’re having trouble updating the software online, you can try to update it via the offline method. You’ll need a USB stick or SD Card and a computer to download the update file. Here’s how:

  1. Make sure your USB stick or SD Card has at least 1 GB free space, and is formatted as FAT32.
  2. Download the update v1.3.0. Latest as of 2021-07-23T00:00:00Z
  3. Unzip the file, you will find two files: (do not unzip this file!) and README.TXT
  4. Copy to the root folder of a USB stick or SD card, and plug it into the PicoPix Max.
  5. Go to Settings > Software Update > Offline update to start the update.

Remember: do not power off the projector during update. It’s recommended to keep the projector plugged into power during this time.

Reverting to older version

You can download the update v1.2.7. Latest as of 2021-05-19T00:00:00Z. Follow the instructions above but use the older file for step 1. Also note: instead of just renaming the file, unzip it to get the


Is this update higher than 1.0.24?

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It’s 1.0.24. I already have this update.

Not today, but whenever the next update is released, the same link will download the new one.


You are my Hero!!! :heart_eyes:

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What is the USB stick Max total size or partition size? Formatted to what type of Filesystem?

Around 1GB space is needed. It should be formatted as FAT32.

Yes this would be great for subsequent updates too! It took me multiple days to finally complete downloading the latest update, as the update connection was really slow and intermittent :frowning:

From North America, the download speed is currently extremely slow. My internet connection is 500Mbps and this download progress is showing 5 HOURS left (it’s already been running for 30 minutes. When I try the download from the PPM itself it was showing single-digit Kbps speeds.

Can someone check on the servers behind this download?

@KevinV The latest update said they have upgraded the servers but are still expecting huge traffic volume which could lead to the slow download speeds you are experiencing. It‘s like finding the first oasis after walking through the desert for days with ten thousands of people… sip by sip. :sweat_smile:

It’s a good thing that only a few thousand projectors have actually been shipped up until now then? :slight_smile:

I had to retry the offline download a few times, the Tomcat eu-central-1 EC2 instance threw 500 errors a few times before it would begin the download, and then at only a maximum of a few MB/s. It seems that it’s an EC2 instance with limited bandwidth and/or VCPU, and for the PPM users in the US the roundtrip to eu-central-1 isn’t helping (I measured >185ms from California). Having more rk-ota instances in different availability zones would improve the latency and also reduce the load but there’s always a cost involved of course…

Surely that’s the point of CloudFront - to take the load off their servers and distribute the downloads. Would cost them a few hundred dollars for 4000 users at 1GB per download - about 10 cents per user according to AWS calculator

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The problems are mostly client-side. The issues are not related to bandwidth/infrastructure. We’re looking to replace the current system with something more robust in the near future.

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Hi. I haven’t been able to get the update to work. I have tried with normal online update, local update, I restored to factory settings and try the two options again and it does not work! It keeps saying: “the device is going to restart” but then nothing happens. And when I check again, I still have the v1.0.21 version. This is so frustrating!

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Hi @jajaimeso, is the battery level >30% and have you kept the charger plugged in when attempting to do the software update? Have you perhaps copied many files to the Internal storage?

I finally was able to update the firmware after trying several times. I don’t know what made it possible, but at least now is working OK. Thanks


Is it possible the OTA server is overloaded? I cannot update, and the update link in the first post here also doesnt load;)

Same issue here. Can’t download…

“The current version is the latest” - 1.0.21

It was overloaded. I’m scaling it up now for the onslaught of EU deliveries. Was in all day meeting else would’ve been better prepared.

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No worries, glad it’s fixed:)