The future of PicoPix Max | UI/Features you would like to see

Hi team,

Will there be any further updates to the software? Any further improvements or bug fixes? Any new feature requests from the backlog users submitted? Moving over to the next Android main version following the current one?

Or we can consider it dead, finito, will be as is till it stops working.


@Philips_Support_N @Philips_Support_P @Philips_Support_T any comment? Good, bad, doesn’t matter. Something at least is appreciated :slight_smile:

Hello, we are working on a new UI for the launcher but for the moment very busy with the Screeneo U4. As soon as we finish this one we will go back on this.
We are also digging on the bug appearing after 1.30: some customers have some issues with the Auto Focus.


Thank you appreciated, that’s good.

New UI layout would be nice, button control, UX size control.

Any news?

Hello guys, we are currently busy on polishing our new Screeneo U4 but we thought it would be a great idea for you guys to tell us what you would like to see on the new Software iteration.
We are talking about new features, UI refresh…
Unfortunately, we won’t be able to upgrade the OS version nor to install Android TV as previously mentioned (the CPU doesn’t support us). But we are ready to pick up the best ideas and to work on it!

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How about allowing digital zoom when using HDMI input e.g. Fire TV Stick?

Hello Patrick, unfortunately this is a hardware change.

I would love to have a “Force stop” option in the context menu of apps in the launcher (in addition to the current “Open” and “Uninstall”), so I can close and restart apps without going into the hidden menu and finding the app in the list.

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I would like the home screen to load faster when going back from app and the last app icon selected. Currently it’s completely random as to which app icon is focussed.

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Hi @Philips_Support_N!

Have you looked in old wish lists, like in this thread?:

I really gave up on saving profiles (including 4-corner correction), but if you could fix that I would not be unhappy.


hello Mattias,
We indeed talked about it at the beginning of the project but unfortunately the CPU doesn’t support it for HDMI/USB-C in.

Hello again,

Yes, I know it does not support it for HDMI/USB-C in, but it could work for internal apps right? So maybe it does not help everyone, but for using say Netflix or any other streaming app on the projector it would still be a good option for some (for me it would still be good anyway).

And perhaps having some setting overlay where you can change brightness without having to go back to main menu? That could work for both internal and external sources - hopefully. :slight_smile:


  1. I’d like to be able to add/remove my own background image(s).
  2. Just in case my remote one day breaks or gets lost, I’d like to have easily (by mouse) accessible software alternatives for:
  • the focus button (in the menu I guess)
  • the app-menu-button (like longpress or right mouse button on the app icon)
  • the volume up and down (in the menu) (+mouse wheel when not in any scroll mode)