Unboxing/test videos + win prizes!

Hello backers !

We are looking for the best unboxing and explanation videos you could do!
This will help a lot the community to see how it works, how to pair the remote or how to use different apps, features.
We prefer to get independent review from you !
How does it work?

1: post your video on YouTube, with Philips PicoPix Max and #“your community nickname” (it could be a fun or normal video. For sure we will pick the best creative video, no need to be a very professional edited with special effect… Or why not :))
2: we will select the best video and post the backer number
3: Prizes:

  • First Prize: A Screeneo S6 (4k)
  • Second prize : an extra PicoPix Max
  • Third Prize: a NeoPix Prime

The video must be in English, and the luckydraw will stop on the 21th of February.
Post your links here!


Very cool promotion!:slight_smile: i will start thinking of some good ideas:)

Wow @Philips_Support_N S6 as prize? So that’s first and second prize, or will the same winner get both and end up with 3 projectors??? :sweat_smile: edit: are employees eligible?


Hey @Philips_Support_P Nooooo ahah

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Too bad @Philips_Support_P :confused:

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Awesome @Philips_Support_N! Great initiative! Is there a deadline for this because many of us still haven’t received ours and really want to participate! :smiley:


How long is the contest open for, need to wait for my picopix max before I can shoot the unboxing vid.


You could announce this once everyone receives their PPM. Still now no idea on how many dispatched, and when the next batch will be shipped.

Getting a PPM itself as an surprise.


no option to participate yet… we are still on the waiting list.

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LOL! :joy: :rofl:

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If they waited then everyone would’ve been unboxed and settled in already.

For example, I have been using mine for two weeks and it’s too late for me to do the sort of video mentioned

Take this as an assignment for when you get it hehe

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How long will the contest be? Does it have to be in English?

hello guys, let me answer those questions directly in the announcement

so … the lucky ones will be the already lucky one with the projector only!!!

too bad … I’m 14064 and I won’t play this game!!!

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Don’t worry we will make another wave of lucky draw !

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Can we have a 3rd prize so that it’s up to the standard on normal competitions :stuck_out_tongue:
Like 2nd prize: 2 Picopix Max and 3rd prize: 1 Picopix Max. :smiley:

Anyway, I don’t really create and edit videos although I do have a channel but those are straight from my phone camera with almost no editing but my mind is brainstorming on its own right now LOL

hey! no need to make it professional, nor edited.Your imagination is your best asset!

How would you know the video is from us? Perhaps a hashtag or something?

good idea! #with your Community nickname for eg

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