USB cable extender

Anyone using an USB-C cable extender worth recommendation? I’m looking for something that will give me at least 2m for charging and video input for PPM.

These guys claim it’s 100W and 4K video:

Do you think its worth the try?
I’m asking because there’s little of such products in the market, maybe there’s some technical limitation on length of full featured cables.

Unless you’re connecting a USB hub or other device that has a male USB-C connector at the other end, I would not use an extender but rather a longer USB-C male to male cable between charger/video source and the PPM.

And this is why? I already have 1m cable that came with PPM, so using it with an extender would be “less waste” :wink:

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While in theory that is true, in practice every extra connection you make can introduce another potential point of failure or degradation. The chance that the cables will separate is there, as well as the signal having to go from the internal wiring in the one cable to the connectors to the other cable’s receiving connectors and into the wiring. The least of these hops you have, the better it would be in my opinion and experience. My advice is based on those two things.

But like I said, an extension cord would be useful if the device on the other end has a male connector, but most chargers and video ports are female (for a reason💡).

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@PhilipsIvo - you are clearly knowledgeable and experienced in this, and other areas. Simple question if you can advise - I’m planning to get a longer USB-C cable (as I think the 1m provided is a little short), 2 metres is fine for my needs, I only need for power and not for video. Is a standard cable used for charging phones suitable for this purpose? Would this connect to a standard USB wall plug?

The majority of the time I plan to use the PPM in same location, sometimes for longer than the stated battery life, and I would need to keep it plugged in. Nearest wall socket is >1m away from ideal location of PPM for projection.

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  1. If by standard cable you mean a cable with at least one USB-C male connector at one end, then yes. However, I’d recommend using a USB-C to USB-C cable that’s specified/certified to handle higher loads when charging. The amperage is the most important spec here, as it determines how hot the cable gets etc. So cables rated for 4A or more are the better option.

  2. Although a standard USB charger (or wall plug if you will) would give some power to charge the device, the best option is to use a USB-C charger that has Power Delivery (PD) negotiation and ideally can provide 60+ Watts of power by providing 4A(mperes) at 15V, as explained in this post:

The provided adapter will do fine, as will others that can match this requirement.

Also remember that instead of running a longer USB-C cable you may want to just have an extension cord to the USB-C charger instead. If you do get a longer cable, consider the braided kind as with those lengths you mentioned the chance of wear and tear becomes greater.

These are some examples, I have something similar but from a brand called Ugreen:

Hope this helps, feel free to ask any other questions you may have


Awesome, thanks IvoG!

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Back to the original topic, I’ve had a chance to test UGREEN 0.5m extension. Charging is fine, video from Dell laptop is also smooth but Windows keeps prompting about some unrecognized usb device and reconnecting it…

@PhilipsIvo your UGREEN has video support? Is it working fine for you?

My UGREEN cable won’t work for video (but wasn’t purchased with that in mind), Windows detects something connected to it but not a projector display. The original Philips cable works fine for video though, although I do see an unrecognized USB device also (but no constant prompting or reconnections).

I highly recommend a magnetic breakaway cable, both for convenience and safety, as it’s WAY too easy for someone to trip on the cable and yank your beautiful projector off the table…


I needed a 3meter cable and bought the nimaso but it didn’t charged my PPM.
Anyone can tell me if this anker cable will work (power only)?

Based on the specs (60W PD) it should work for power only charging.