Video freezing while watching(netflix) and charging simultaneously

@JosephSJPark Have you raised a ticket? If not, I would strongly suggest you do so. Drop an email to and describe your issue. Include images and videos to support your case.

@Caio_Cardoso Me too. From the way it is panning out, I would think it is hardware. Also, would a software/firmware update potentially result in irreversible damage to the hardware?

I will do create a ticket regarding my issue but just couldn’t get a chance to use my PPM. I will have to take a video clip when the incidence happens again after I am back home from a trip.

Thanks, Joseph.

@PhilipsIvo Hi Ivo, I have filed a the form as requested by support. Any sense when they will be reaching out to me for further follow-up? Thanks in advance.

@PhilipsIvo @PhilipsSteve @PhilipsAfterSales Can the good folks at Philips update us on what’s the current state of customer support? There’s quite a number of folks here with tickets pending and no updates whatsoever.



Mate, this is really bad. Seriously, at least give us a clue of what is going on. It is close enough to disrespect. I created this topic on 18th of July. We are about to reach the end of the year and nothing, Can you guys please do something? You are kind of not leaving me other option but appeal to the law.

Hi !

I’ve just been called from DHL about picking up a package at my place soon. It’s about the size and weigh of the picopix package so I guess that’s it.
But the thing is, I’ve never had any news on my ticket for a month, and they mentionned a 200€ bill attached to the picking.
They said they will get in touch with de service how asked for the picking to send me the details since it should have already been done yet.

So there i am with my freezing picopix (even on hdmi since yesterday)…
I have no clue if I’m supposed to pay 200€ for sending it back (clearly i won’t)

You are from Germany I assume. Which state?

I haven’t got any news also… that’s really frustrating. At least they said in the first e-mail that they would pay for everything. Now that? ( PS I’m in Germany and have no news what so ever )


@Caio_Cardoso I’m from France. But I suppose it’s the same delivery système for all western europe

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I have got their e-mail today. did you have to buy a parcel? And do I have to glue the documents on the parcel? What do they mean with “keep them (documents) out of the parcel”?
What about the 200 bucks fee? is that real?

@PhilipsIvo maybe a little help over here?

I’ve recently had this same problem with mine. Will freeze with audio continuing and the only solution is a hard reset. Happens across streaming apps.

I’ve logged this with support (ticket number 30744). Fingers crossed for a software issue but from this thread it seems to be hardware :S

@PhilipsIvo Hi Ivo, you have been one of the most responsive on the forum. Can I trouble you to give the support guys a nudge? My ticket number #30335. Like most of the others here, we have raised the return forms but have not heard anything else nor received any calls to arrange for return and replacement.

They collected mine yesterday


So someone at Philips is still alive!?!

I have been waiting for a working product from October 2019, we are in October 2020 and the one that arrived in June 2020 is unusable!